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How Enzymedica Utilizes Scientific Research

July 21, 2023 by Enzymedica Team
How Enzymedica Utilizes Scientific Research

Making great health easy for everyone takes a lot of work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Every product that bears the Enzymedica name is clean, sustainable and effective — and we scour the planet for the best quality ingredients, all backed by the latest cutting-edge scientific research. 

From the Thera-blend™ technology of our digestive enzymes and the Berbevis® in our Berberine Phytosome to the ProDigest® in Gut Motility™ and even the DPA levels in our Aqua Biome fish oils, there’s a whole lot of science behind your favorite products. 

We have pioneered technologies to improve the effectiveness of our ingredients, and we choose those ingredients with the intention of delivering the highest possible efficacy. We partner with world-class researchers and suppliers, and we are continually integrating new technology to improve our products. Today, we’re diving in to share a few of the ways we use scientific research to create the natural digestive health and wellness supplements you know and trust.

Thera-blend Enzymes

The major difference with Enzymedica products is that we offer the most complete range of enzymes. We include some that are not found in lower-priced products. Our enzymes include the power of Thera-blend™ to ensure all of our enzymes work throughout the digestive tract.* Your GI tract is a diverse and active place, and the pH (acidity or alkalinity) isn't the same all the way through.

Thera-blend is an exclusive process that combines multiple strains of enzymes that work in specific pH levels, resulting in superior performance in the body.* For you, this means the enzymes can help break down food in the stomach, assist with nutrient absorption in the small intestine and support immune and whole-body health in the microbiome.* From Digest Gold (America’s #1 selling enzyme supplement for 10-plus years and counting) to Lypo Gold, all our enzymes deliver Thera-blend technology.

Berbevis® in Berberine Phytosome

Our Berberine Phytosome uses ultra absorption phytosome technology. Since Berberine can be difficult for the body to absorb, it is harder to unlock its true benefits. Berbevis® phytosome solves this problem – boosting bioabsorption 9.6 times compared with standard raw extracts. This unlocks greater potency at a lower dose, allowing for a small, easy-to-swallow capsule.

We use Berbevis® Berberine Phytosome, made from the roots of Berberis aristata. It is standardized to contain between 28% and 34% Berberine. Where other Berberine products may fall short, Enzymedica’s Berberine is formulated to deliver results! A matrix of ingredients supports bioavailability while resolving the issues that raw extracts have.

A human pharmacokinetic study shows Berbevis® improved Berberine bioavailability (AUC) by nearly 10 times on molar basis and with observed dose linearity. There are numerous research studies that support Berberine's use as a dietary supplement. In a series of two double-blind studies, Berberine was found to be influential for healthy weight management.*

Learn more about Berberine Phytosome.

ProDigest® in Gut Motility

Have you tried our Gut Motility digestive transport support formula? Gut Motility features ProDigest®, a combination of a triple standardized Artichoke leaf extract and a Ginger CO2 extract, that has been clinically studied to deliver gentle relief every time.* This nonaddictive formula promotes gut comfort, improves motility and encourages regular, healthy bowel movements.*


ProDigest works to support the small bowel and the stomach to promote healthy transit times.* Gut Motility delivers this combination of ingredients, which work synergistically to provide foundational muscular health for the entire gastrointestinal system.*

Unlike common artichoke extracts that are only standardized for caffeoylquinic acids, the Artichoke extract in ProDigest is standardized for caffeoylquinic acids, flavonoids and cynaropicrin. The Ginger root extract is standardized for gingeroids (gingerols and shogaols).

Two human clinical studies have demonstrated the significant benefits of this combination. It was effective after short-term treatment in improving, by 34% over placebo, symptoms related to digestive discomforts like epigastric fullness, bloating and unwanted early satiety. Overall, 86% of participants reported a marked reduction of discomfort intensity. A second study showed that ProDigest significantly promotes gastric emptying by 24% over placebo without being associated with notable adverse effects.

Read about the science behind Gut Motility.

The DPA in our Aqua Biome™ Fish Oils

When we set out to develop fish oils, we followed the science. The result is Aqua Biome™, the world’s first line of DPA-focused fish oils. The majority of omega-3 supplements contain large quantities of EPA to support heart and cardiovascular health.*  Studies show that EPA (as well as DHA) can also support joint health.*

But it’s DPA makes all the difference. We created the perfect blend, mirrored by nature, for whole-body health.*  By including meaningful amounts of DPA, Aqua Biome adapts to your body’s daily, custom needs. Your body can use DPA as-is or convert it to either DHA or EPA.

Companies tend to use higher amounts of EPA because while it offers research-backed benefits, it’s also inexpensive and easier to extract.* Diets higher in DHA and DPA (vs. mostly EPA) have been associated with cultures known for their longevity, so we flipped ratio to provide high DHA and a meaningful amount of DPA.*

We use a triglyceride form of omega-3 fatty acids, the industry ideal, which produces up to 70% better absorption, for a supplement that’s the closest form to what nature produces through food.* We also partner with the industry leaders in extraction technology to source the highest quality omega-3s. Using a state-of-the-art, multi-step extraction process, we’re able to yield consistent and meaningful levels of DPA to remove the most common impurities, for an omega-3 blend like no other.

Aqua Biome is tested for over 130 environmental contaminants (dioxins, PCBs, pesticide residues and other toxic compounds) and are guaranteed to meet strict restrictions for heavy metals (including  lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury).

These are only a few examples of how science informs each and every product that bears the Enzymedica name. Every deliver format – like the world’s first DGL Stomach Soothe Gummies – and every ingredient – including the “Mother” that’s in our Apple Cider Vinegar capsules – was selected after weighing all available research. The result? You get to leave the science to us and give yourself peace of mind with every product.

Why Choose Enzymedica

We make great health easy for everyone. That’s been our mission since 1998. Enzymedica has been providing natural digestive health and wellness products of the highest quality and efficacy for over 20 years. Our formulas are always developed to the same high standards regardless of your particular needs or health goals. And we guarantee to utilize the best ingredients available on our planet, each one accompanied by cutting-edge scientific research.

When it comes to overall wellness of your body, mind and spirit, digestion is key. At Enzymedica, the leading brand of digestive enzyme supplements in America, we offer exceptional solutions for natural digestive health and wellness. Every one of our products is uniquely formulated to be as effective as possible.

Enzymedica is a global leader in the field of enzymes. We are the most knowledgeable when it comes to enzymes because of our ground-breaking, independent research on enzymes and other natural components. We seek out the highest-quality ingredients at all times and never use artificial fillers or excipients. That's part of Enzymedica's promise to quality and efficacy.


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