Our mission is to make great health easy for everyone

We ensure every Enzymedica Product is…


We scour the globe to source only the purest natural ingredients and keep all the artificial junk out.

Every batch is carefully tested for purity, so you know that what’s on the label is always what’s in the bottle.

Proud to be the first supplement brand certified by Clean Label Project to be free of over 130 contaminants.

Vegetarian & Vegan ingredients used whenever possible.

Our products are certified Kosher whenever possible.

Keeping in all of the good stuff & none of the bad. We never use artificial fillers or excipients.


The planet's wellbeing is as important as our own. We believe ecological balance is both good business & a way of life.

With LEED-Gold Certified headquarters & solar power, our footprint follows the earth-care we believe in.

As a 100% carbon-neutral organization, we've partnered with Green Mountain Energy to offset our carbon emissions.

Partnering with causes that benefit our planet is both a business & an individual employee goal.

Sustainably sourced ingredients are a must. We'll never let our products add to endangering plants or animals.


You don’t create the world’s most powerful supplements by accident. We independently verify that all our products meet our stringent standards.

We have pioneered technologies to improve the effectiveness of our ingredients, like Thera-blend™.

Our ingredients are chosen to have the highest possible efficacy.

Partnering with world class researchers and suppliers, we're always integrating new tech to improve our products.

We don’t just use any ingredients—we use the best. For example Meriva®, the most studied bioavailable curcumin on the planet.

Join Us On Our People & Planet Crusade

It's Who We Are

For People and Planet

The causes that matter to our team matter to us. Philanthropy is at our core, and the People & Planet initiatives we champion are the same ones they invest their own time and money into.

Restoring Our Reefs

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium

The Florida Great Barrier Reef sits just outside our headquarters, and we won’t sit around and watch it die. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mote to rebuild the reefs using microfragmentation technology.

Nourishing Those in Need

Vitamin Angels

We know how critical vitamins and nutrients are to health. Vitamins Angels brings vitamins to over 52 million mothers and children at risk for malnutrition—reducing illness, blindness and death.

Founding a Nonprofit for a Cure

Autism Hope Alliance

Many kids with autism have food intolerances, which can be overwhelming for them & their families. Since enzymes can help with those intolerances, we founded Autism Hope Alliance to help even more.

Ending Domestic Violence

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center

The Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center is one of the only state-certified organizations in our region. We help raise money to assist them in stopping domestic & sexual violence in our communities.

Rescuing Animals From Testing

Beagle Freedom Project

When we saw animal testing first-hand, we became dedicated to ending it. This is why we support Beagle Freedom Project’s goal of rescuing animals from testing.

Uplifting Impoverished Children

Bless the Children

We have a passion for helping underprivileged children, which is why we support Bless the Children’s effort to uplift the most impoverished children of the world.

Helping to Fight Suicide

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Mental health is just as important as physical health. We support the AFSP's mission to change the conversation around mental health, save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

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