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Enzymedica proudly holds the coveted title of being the #1 digestive enzyme brand and the unrivaled leader in digestive enzymes & health supplements in North America for over two decades and we have been expanding globally.

Spanning across more than 30 countries, Enzymedica's remarkable global expansion journey continues to flourish. Our unyielding commitment to delivering the boundless potential of natural and all-encompassing digestive solutions to people worldwide is the cornerstone of our mission.

If you are looking to form a global distribution partnership on your platform, please, connect with us at

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With a focus on purity and quality Enzymedica has won numerous awards and earned a reputation as leaders in digestive aid products by constantly evolving new research with cutting edge technology while offering top benefits backed by scientifically proven ingredients you can trust.

  • Digest Gold™, #1 selling digestive enzyme product has consistently claimed top honors as the best digestive supplement
  • Our new products have garnered immense acclaim. For example, Berberine Phytosome named's top pick for bioavailability-enhanced berberine in 2023, and Ginger + Vitamin B6 Gummy is voted as Vitamin Retailer's 2023 best new product

Today, we are extending an exclusive invitation to like-minded partners who resonate with our vision. This is your opportunity to join us as an esteemed local partner, collaboratively leading the charge in transforming lives with our cutting-edge solutions.

Here are some compelling factors "Why Enzymedica":

Foundational Digestive Health: We believe digestive health is the bedrock of overall well-being, impacting your immune system and mental health.

Certified Excellence: Our facility in Venice, Florida, boasts full cGMP certification, and we readily provide essential documentation such as COA's to international partners.

Premium Quality: Our products are vegan/vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, always Clean, tested for purity, and sustainable.

Pioneering Technology: Enzymedica's proprietary Thera-blend™ technology ensures our enzymes work seamlessly across the entire pH spectrum in your digestive tract, offering superior effectiveness compared to other brands.

Extensive Product Range: We offer a comprehensive line of over 80 products (140+ SKUs) to address diverse digestive needs, from gas and bloating to acid reflux/heartburn, food intolerance, and regularity.

Global Flexibility: For international markets, we provide both US labels and country-specific labels with low minimum order quantities.

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