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How to Put Out the Fire Fast When Occasional Heartburn Hits*

February 23, 2022 by Enzymedica Team
How to Put Out the Fire Fast When Occasional Heartburn Hits*

We’ve all been there. You think “YOLO” (you only live once), so you say “yes” to the monster meat lover’s pizza after bowling league. You opt for the extra-spicy wings while watching the game. You agree to judge the neighborhood chili cookoff. But then it hits, bringing fire and regret along with it: occasional heartburn.*

It comes on quick – sometimes from seemingly “healthy” foods or for no reason you can pinpoint in the moment – and your relief should come quickly, too.* We’ve always got your back, with a suite of products to soothe occasional heartburn.*

But beyond relief, our powerful products each have their own super powers.* Whether it's breaking down food or balancing acid, our products protect, relieve and rebuild.*  

Read on to find out how healing yourself naturally enables your gut to thrive – and when you might want to reach for each of these four products to get your digestive system back in balance.*

DGL Stomach Soothe Gummies

The highlights:

  • Delicious, effective DGL in a smooth German Chocolate flavored gummy
  • Soothing digestive support*
  • Strengthens and protects digestive lining*
  • Calming support for occasional heartburn*
  • The first-ever deglycyrrhizinated licorice gummies!

These gummies are not only our newest option to soothe occasional heartburn – they’re also the first and only of their kind.* These gummies are a deliciously convenient way to take a time-honored herb that can strengthen and protect the stomach lining.*

Licorice root is far more than a flavor used for candy and sweets. For hundreds of years, cultures around the world have considered it a valuable digestive support remedy.*

Now, thanks to modern science, we’re able to specially process licorice root to remove a naturally occurring compound called glycyrrhizin. When used over time, this compound has been shown to produce an abnormal increase in cortisol, which can lead to electrolyte imbalance and high blood pressure. The resulting deglycyrrhizinated licorice, or DGL, is the safest extraction for long-term use and preferred for efficacy.

Saliva activates DGL, making these vegan gummies the perfect delivery format for maximum effectiveness.* Unlike DGL tablets, our gummies are never bitter or chalky!*

Taken 20 minutes before meals, the DGL works with your digestive system to soothe and support digestive comfort – so you can start feeling like yourself again.*


Heartburn Soothe+

The highlights:

  • 3-in-1 formula
  • Soothes occasional heartburn*
  • Protects the digestive tract*
  • Helps rebuild the stomach lining*
  • Pleasant vanilla-orange flavor chewable tablet
  • Day or night results
  • Combines the effects of alginate and prickly pear extract*

We like to think of this one as a life raft – fitting because it contains alginate (aka alginic acid). This substance found in brown algae possesses a viscous gel texture that quickly absorbs water – over 200-300 times its own weight. In the stomach, that gel forms a “raft” that floats on the stomach’s acid pocket.*

That raft keeps the acid from entering the esophagus, which helps soothe the sensation of occasional heartburn while also giving the esophageal tissue an opportunity to rebuild itself.*

The combo of ingredients in Heartburn Soothe‡ forms a barrier and buffer for gastric acid while soothing the GI tract lining.* Multiple clinical trials have shown a natural approach to occasional heartburn can be safe and efficacious.*

Alginate gets help from two buffering agents, calcium carbonate and trimethylglycine, and prickly pear cactus extract. This combination offers two major benefits. First, the alginate barrier is stronger and more flexible. And, we can use less alginate, for a tastier tablet that’s not foamy or chalky.

Heartburn Soothe‡ also uses a prickly pear cactus extract made from the flattened stems, rather than the fruit. This botanical extract cools and soothes the gastrointestinal tract lining (similar to aloe vera but without irritating laxatives).*

Formulated for immediate results, Heartburn Soothe‡ is another one to keep close at hand when you eat.

Betaine HCL

The highlights:

  • Soothes stomach lining*
  • Aids breakdown of protein and nutrient absorption*
  • Helps restore healthy gut balance and pancreatic enzymes*
  • With prickly pear and olive leaf extracts to soothe digestive discomfort*

Think back to that slackline. There are plenty of reasons you might feel off-balance – the line itself, the wind or maybe your balance. Occasional heartburn is the same. When low acid is the cause, the simple solution is to add more. Betaine HCl increases acid levels so your stomach can naturally digest properly.* We include pepsin, a protein-digesting enzyme that can provide relief for those with occasional heartburn, along with MucoSave, a combination of prickly pear and olive leaf extracts, to soothe the stomach lining.* MucoSave has been shown to exert positive effects on the stomach lining, providing a necessary buffer for the acidity of digestion.*

Hydrochloric acid (HCl) and pepsin are critical to digestion and nutrient absorption. When we don’t have enough, we can experience gut-related issues like occasional heartburn. (This can happen for a variety of reasons, including age.) Betaine HCl uses HCl and pepsin already in your stomach to naturally raise the pH of stomach acid and soothe discomfort – and positively affect the gut microbiome.*

Betaine HCl is taken three times daily with meals.* Now you know how to put the fire out fast!

Acid Soothe™ Chewables

The highlights:

  • Zinc Carnosine to help rebuild digestive lining*
  • Digestive enzymes to break down problem foods*
  • Increases nutrient absorption*
  • Convenient, great-tasting chewable berry-flavored tablet

For heartburn from acid-associated digestive woes, Acid Soothe™ Chewables offer powerful, fast-acting support.* They blend enzymes to help break down troublesome foods (like carbohydrates, fats and fiber) with PepzinGI® zinc carnosine to optimize the mucosal lining of the stomach.*

Why enzymes, you ask? Good question! Your body craves balance, and it’s always making small adjustments to maintain that balance – just like you might while playing on a backyard slackline with your kids. When your body starts to break down the fat in your meal, it leans on the digestive enzymes naturally found in your stomach acid. If yours are low, what’s the natural response? You guessed it. More acid.

You’ll notice that we don’t include protease enzymes in this formula, so it can offer soothing support even to those with sensitive stomachs.* Meanwhile the zinc carnosine supports both the stomach’s mucosal defenses and healthy growth and turnover of gastric tissue.*

Acid Soothe™ Chewables come in a tasty and convenient format, so you can keep them in a purse, desk drawer, glove box or anywhere you need them!