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How Telomere Plus™ Supports Healthy Aging*

October 10, 2023 by Enzymedica Team
How Telomere Plus™ Supports Healthy Aging*

Little things can make a big difference in life. Take a look at your shoes, for example. The caps at the end of your shoelaces mostly go unnoticed – unless the laces begins to unravel and fall apart.

Those caps are like your body’s telomeres, performing an important, specific but often overlooked role. Ever hear of telomeres – and how they support healthy aging?* They are the protective caps at the end of strands of DNA, and they work much in the same way that those shoelace caps do. They keep the strands together, preventing them from fraying or unraveling. When your DNA is healthy, your whole body feels the benefits.

Maintaining telomere length is a crucial part of healthy aging, and there’s actually a naturally occurring enzyme (called telomerase) that helps lengthen telomeres and protects them from shortening.* Read on to learn more about telomeres, the enzyme telomerase – and the scientifically studied blend of ingredients that we include in our Telomere Plus™ formula to increase telomerase activity.*

What are Telomeres and What Do They Do?

Telomeres are found at the end of your chromosomes, protecting the tips from getting tangled or frayed. They are made of repeating DNA sequences. Cells that are newer have longer telomeres, while older cells have shorter ones. Every time a cell divides, its telomeres shorten a bit. This process repeats over and over until the telomeres are too short to keep up with the cell cycle of dividing and regrowing. That marks the end of a cell’s life cycle.

Cellular aging is part of life – and aging is certainly better than the alternative. But, while we can’t change the year listed on our driver’s license, we can influence how old or young we feel by slowing down the rate at which telomeres shorten. (Aka “you’re only as old as you feel!”) Measuring telomere length is one metric that scientists can use to determine biological age.

All the habits you embrace to stay healthy can help: eating nutrient-dense and unprocessed foods, getting adequate sleep, moving your body and dealing with everyday stress. The enzyme telomerase can also offer support.* And there are ways to give that enzyme the help it needs to do its job.

What’s Included in Telomere Plus™

The enzyme telomerase influences a cell’s ability to lengthen telomeres and prevent their shortening. Most cells don’t have enough to maintain optimal length, and this can accelerate the cellular aging process. Activating telomerase can help maintain telomere length to promote healthy aging.*

Scientists have discovered that certain botanicals can increase telomerase activity.* That’s why we developed Telomere Plus™, a two-in-one formula scientifically studied to support healthy aging.*

Telomere Plus™ contains vitamin D3 and the scientifically developed blend Telomerin™.

What’s in Telomerin™?

Telomerin™ combines astragalus root, broccoli seed and rhodiola extracts, which all have been found to promote telomerase activity, according to a 2016 research study conducted by the Roskamp Institute.* The formula helps maintain telomere length to encourage cellular health and vitality.*

Combined with vitamin D3, Telomere Plus gives your body additional benefits, including immune support, stress tolerance and cellular protection.*


The Benefits of Telomere Plus™

  • Helps maintain length of telomeres*
  • Increases telomerase activity*
  • Encourages cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging*
  • Promotes immune health*
  • Supports stress tolerances and cell protection*


In addition, you might like Stem XCell™: This formula promotes stem cell health and regeneration, supports brain health and aids in cell renewal.*

  • Boosts stem cell growth and cell renewal*
  • Supports brain health and physical recovery*
  • Promotes mental sharpness and performance*
  • Contains patented NT-020 blend*

Keeping stem cells at their healthiest allows them to keep you at YOUR healthiest. Stem cells naturally maintain and repair tissue, so maintaining their health with a special blend of natural ingredients supports your physical recovery and brain health, along with mental sharpness and performance.* We include a patented blend called NT-020, which protects cells from harmful free radicals.* It also helps promote the proliferation of stem cells, which in turn helps us live better.*