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How A Unique Probiotic from Japan Supports Your Immune Health*

August 25, 2021 by Enzymedica Team
How A Unique Probiotic from Japan Supports Your Immune Health*

Imagine a delicious mint that melts in your mouth with a refreshing menthol flavor while simultaneously providing a powerful strain of probiotics delivered efficiently into your body to strengthen your immune system.* This is exactly what Enzymedica has created with Immune Max™ Immuno-Biotic Defense Mints. Adding this fast-acting, quick melt mint three times a day to your everyday routine will help support your immune system.*

What makes these tasty mints so unique? It all comes down to a unique probiotic from Japan, developed from an ancient traditional dish after years of modern scientific research.

Like Sushi? You Might Love Narezushi

We’ve known for centuries that fermenting foods not only preserves them but imparts potential benefits for our health. That knowledge continues to evolve, as foods like kimchi, miso paste, and sauerkraut become staples in diets worldwide.

Did you know that sushi traces its roots to a dish comprised of fermented fish and rice? Before refrigeration, fermentation was a way to preserve foods more than a way to impart health benefits.

Known as the most primitive form of sushi, fermented fish and rice was commonly eaten in Southeast Asia as far back as the 2nd century AD. Narezushi is believed to have been brought to Japan in the 8th century.

So what does that have to do with our mints? Japanese immunologists at the esteemed Medical Institute of Bioregulation at Kyshu University spent five years testing new substances to improve key markers for immune health. This is when they became interested in narezushi — and specifically a novel lactic acid bacterium they isolated from the dish.

This probiotic strain, known as HK L-137, demonstrated tremendous immune characteristics that had never been seen before. One of the unique qualities of this probiotic strain was that it became more potent through a heat-treatment process. This came as a surprise — previous experiments had found that heat exposure killed probiotic strains. But with this one, it created a more robust bacterium. That discovery led to the new probiotic strain, which came to be known as HK L-137.

A Unique Probiotic Strain

Probiotics are living organisms, so they have a life cycle, a time when they are at their prime and exhibiting the most vitality and strength. Amazingly, heat treatment pumps the brakes on aging for these probiotics, so they remain at their prime. This allows the probiotics to work in gastric acid and to interact with cells in the intestine. Through clinical studies, this heat-treated probiotic HK L-137 strain, also known as Immuno-LP20, has demonstrated benefits for the immune system, gums, urinary tract and overall quality of life.*

Immune Max™ Immuno-Biotic Defense Mints

Our Immune Max™ Mints combine the fantastic power of the HK L-137 probiotic strain with a refreshing menthol flavor in a soft gel that easily dissolves in your mouth. This leaves you with friendly fresh breath while supporting your body’s immune system.*

We always support sustainable manufacturing and work closely with our suppliers to make sure all ingredients, such as the palm oil found in these mints, are manufactured with the least possible impact on the planet.