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Why did I start taking Enzymedica Digest Gold? With Tinger from Dash of Ting

October 10, 2023 by Enzymedica Team
Why did I start taking Enzymedica Digest Gold? With Tinger from Dash of Ting

How would you like to feel bloat-free while dining out?  

Earlier this year, I was on the same quest for eating all of my favorite savory meals while I was traveling. I wanted to avoid feeling bloated and heavy. Is this even possible? The answer is Yes, and Enzymedica Digest Gold has proven to be the best anti-bloat supplement that’s worked for my body. 


I wanted to feel my best and comfortable while on a food and mezcal tour in Oaxaca, Mexico. So, I stopped by Rainbow Acres, a health food grocery store, where an employee in the supplement department shared with me that Enzymedica Digest Gold with ATPro was the most popular digestive supplement in the market and her personal favorite because it greatly reduced the gas in her tummy and increased her lactose tolerance. Before her suggestion, I tried papaya enzymes and another digestive enzyme by another brand, but they didn’t work for me. 

It was frustrating to try another well-known brand that offers a line of digestive supplements and not feel any results after taking them consistently with my lunch and dinner for about a month; I mistakenly chose a popular healthy supplement brand that doesn’t specialize in digestive enzymes. But I'm happy that I didn’t give up and found Enzymedica Digest Gold 

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