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Effective natural supplements begin with premium ingredients and extensive science. From our award-winning Digest Gold™ enzymes to our exciting new items, each product has been designed to help you get the most out of your food—and your life.


Pro-Bio supplement 90 count bottle from Enzymedica
8 noncompetitive strains for increased diversity 10 Billion CFU...
from $ 27.99
Ideal For: Probiotics for gut health*
Repair Gold supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Repair Gold™
Helps relieve joint and muscle discomfort* Optimizes the body’s...
from $ 23.49
Ideal For: Muscle, joint & tissue recovery
SerraGold supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Optimizes the body's immune function* Promotes recovery, circulation &...
from $ 32.99
Ideal For: Systemic health
Stem XCell supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Stem XCell™
Boosts stem cell growth and cell renewal* Supports brain...
from $ 45.99
Ideal For: Cell repair & brain health*
featured product
Digest Basic + Probiotics supplement digestive enzymes food intolerances
DigestBasic® +PROBIOTICS
2-in-1 formula for sensitive stomachs Breaks down fat, fiber,...
from $ 13.49
Ideal For: 2-in-1 digestive support for gentle stomachs*
Digest + Probiotics supplement bottle from Enzymedica food intolerances digestive enzymes
2-in-1 formula for digestive health Breaks down fat, fiber,...
from $ 17.49
Ideal For: 2-in-1 support for gut health*
best seller
GlutenEase supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Supports gluten and casein intolerance* Includes additional enzymes to...
from $ 34.99
Ideal For: Supports gluten & casein intolerance*
Dairy Assist supplement 30 count bottle from Enzymedica
Support for dairy intolerance* Promotes both lactose and casein...
from $ 14.99
Ideal For: Help for enjoying dairy*
pH-Strips with approximately 120 tests from Enzymedica
Know your body's pH level 15-foot single roll dispenser...
from $ 16.49
Ideal For: Test your body's pH level
featured product
Apple Cider Vinegar made with the Mother
Apple Cider Vinegar
Promotes healthy weight loss* Contains the Mother for maximum...
from $ 29.99
Ideal For: Weight loss support with the Mother*
Purify™ Activated Charcoal Plus supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Purify™ Activated Charcoal Plus
Relieves occasional gas, bloating and cramping* Supports natural detoxification*...
from $ 14.99
Ideal For: Detoxify & Reduce Bloating*
Allerase supplement 60 count bottle from Enzymedica
Seasonal, indoor and outdoor irritant support* Natural, non-drowsy formula...
from $ 28.99
Ideal For: Breathe better without falling asleep

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