4 Ways to Decrease Gas and Bloating

Gas and bloating may be natural byproducts of eating, but that doesn’t mean they’re not embarrassing. For some of us, our symptoms can be so bad that we  stop eating some of the foods we love, but this isn’t the only way to solve the problem.

What is Lipase?

All enzymes are important, but when it comes to digestion, three main enzymes stand apart above the rest. These are amylase, which helps break down carbohydrates; protease, which helps breaks down proteins; and lipase, which helps break down fats.

Sources of Enzymes: Animal, Plant, Fungal

Enzymes accelerate biochemical reactions within our cells and affect every function of the body, from digestion to breathing by lowering the threshold of energy required for those reactions to take place.

What are Protease?

Protein is a building block to human life and an essential component in many bodily structures as well as bodily processes. However, like every other type of nutrient, we need to be able to extract it from either our diet or another source. The main way that our bodies do this is through enzymes.

Enzymes for Joint Health

Research has shown that living an active lifestyle can be beneficial for your health, but there can be a downside. High impact, repetitive physical activity can be taxing on your joints. But did you know that enzymes supplements can help protect your joints?

Cellulase is Essential for Digesting Fruits & Vegetables

Eating more plant foods is probably the best way to improve your diet. These are some of the best pound-for-pound foods around. While plants are a great addition to your diet, we don’t digest them in the same way we do other foods.

Enzyme Potency

Have you wanted to try digestive enzymes, but felt clueless about how to understand potency? Enzymes are an amazing digestive aid that has been proven to help digest nutrients, alleviate gas, combat post workout fatigue, and much more.

Amylase Enzyme: An Essential Digestive Component

As nutritional science advances, we are learning more about the important role carbohydrates play in our overall health – whether you are eating too much of them, the wrong kind, or need to load up on them for athletic activity.

High Enzyme Foods

Enzymes are the catalysts for specified biochemical reactions. They are present in all living things and play an important role in chemical reactions within those entities. Enzymes are the worker bees of your body, and they affect every single one of its functions.

The pH and Enzyme Relationship

While an average healthy person generally has set ranges of pH (or levels of acidity) in different parts of the body, even the slightest difference can have major repercussions. A good example of this is enzymes.

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