Autism and Casein

If you’ve been doing research on autism or have someone on the spectrum in your life, you may have come across a lot of anecdotal evidence about dietary changes having an impact on certain autism behaviors.

What Does Science say About Probiotics and Autism?

In a lot of ways, we’re still learning about autism, from what potential causes could be to the best way to handle it in children and adults alike.

The History of Enzymedica's Autism Initiatives

At Enzymedica, we believe that it’s important not only to provide products that help people but also, as a business, to use our reach to make the world a better place in other ways. Autism awareness is one such cause that is near and dear to our hearts.

Common Early Autism Symptoms

Approximately 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are on the autism spectrum, according to the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 Yet most people don’t know how to recognize the early symptoms of the disorder.

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