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Your Healthy Digestion Action Plan

February 6, 2017 by Addison Best
Your Healthy Digestion Action Plan

Suffering from Digestive discomfort is never fun and trying to come up with a healthy plan to tackle those issues can seem overwhelming. So, what should you keep in mind if you’re looking to start a Healthy Digestion Action plan?

The first step would be to identify your intolerance:

  • Keep a food journal. This may help you pinpoint your specific food intolerances. First, eliminate challenging foods from your diet and then slowly reintroduce them to see if you experience digestive reactions.
  • Your favorites first. Often your favorite foods are those that you are most intolerant to.
  • It’s not just food. Gluten and dairy derivatives can be found in cosmetics, soaps, and other products. Make sure to take these into account, especially if you have known allergies and not just intolerances.

The next step would be to take-a-look at your Diet:

  • Eat in moderation. Levels of food sensitivities vary between individuals, and you may be able to eat small amounts of problem foods with little or reduced discomfort.
  • Be careful of cross contamination. If you are especially sensitive to certain foods, it can be nerve-racking to eat out. Have an open conversation with the staff at your favorite restaurants to make sure you are comfortable with how your meals are prepared.
  • Fear no food. If you have a sensitivity, look for alternatives that don’t contain your trigger food, or try an enzyme supplement to help you overcome your occasional digestive distress.

Looking for a go-to supplement for multiple food intolerances?
Our favorite is Digest Spectrum™. It’s the only formula available that provides support for all of the major food intolerances in one, including lactose, casein, gluten, veggies and phenols.*

Enzymedica’s Lacto™ and DairyAssist™ provides a one-two punch for dairy digestion. Both formulas contain enzymes to break down both lactose and casein.* In addition, Lacto contains enzymes to digest other components of your meal like fats, fiber, and proteins.* Lacto is a more comprehensive and advanced formula, but DairyAssist still provides gentle relief for dairy discomfort.*

Got Gluten? Enzymedica’s GlutenEase™ and GlutenEase™ Extra Strength contain the enzymes needed to break down gluten molecules so that they are easier to digest.* These formulas are not intended for the treatment of Celiac disease and should only be used for those with gluten intolerance.