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What’s Normal When It Comes to Regularity? And How Can Kiwi Regularity Help?*

November 17, 2022 by Enzymedica Team
What’s Normal When It Comes to Regularity? And How Can Kiwi Regularity Help?*

The last thing most people want to think about is going “number two” – until they can’t, you know, go… Occasional constipation happens sometimes, and this annoyance is enough to make anyone feel cranky.* Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to support regularity and help reduce occasional constipation.*

Did you know that kiwifruit – those fuzzy fruits with the bright green flesh from New Zealand – have actually been scientifically proven to promote regularity and reduce occasional constipation?* Our Kiwi Regularity Chews (made with over 15 REAL, organic kiwifruit in every bottle) use the same Actazin kiwifruit that was used in studies.

In this blog, you’ll learn how your lifestyle and habits can influence your regularity – and a few ways to make your bathroom visits easier, Plus, you’ll find out what’s in our kiwi chews made with real kiwifruit!

6 Things That Can Influence Regularity*

Regularity is a euphemism for the frequency of your bowel movements. We call it “regularity” because, ideally, we have regular BMs. But occasional constipation still happens – defined as having a bowel movement less than three times a week, or passing stool that’s hard, dry, lumpy, difficult or uncomfortable, or that feels incomplete – to so many people! In fact, about 16 in 100 US adults deals with occasional constipation.* Here are a few things that can influence regularity:

  1. Age: 33 of every 100 adults age 60 or older deals with occasional constipation.
  2. Gender: Women are more likely to deal with this issue, especially during pregnancy or after giving birth.
  3. Fiber intake: Fiber is the indigestible part of plants. Soluble fiber forms a gel that supports digestion, while insoluble fiber “bulks” up stool by drawing water in, which can make it easier to pass. When we don’t eat enough dietary fiber, it can impact BMs.
  4. Medications: Certain medications can impact regularity.
  5. Water intake: Your body needs water to comfortably pass stool. If you don’t drink enough, your large intestine will draw the moisture from food waste – and that can make your stool harder to pass.
  6. Changes in routine: Regularity is part of the body’s normal routine. When your schedule is off due to travel (especially across time zones) or your usual diet changes, your digestive system takes notice! (Think about how often you “forget” to eat enough veggies or healthy foods on vacation!)

7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Visits Easier

  1. Eat enough fiber. Dietary fiber comes from plants, so making sure that you’re getting enough of them (from fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, etc.) each day can help you reach your quota. Processed carbs usually have had the fiber removed, so choose whole grains and unprocessed foods whenever you can. Low-fiber and no-fiber foods can make it harder to go.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated supports overall health as well as your digestive system. When your body is properly hydrated, the large intestine doesn’t need to take water from your food waste, which can make going #2 easier.
  3. Move your body. Exercise also has benefits for your digestive system, in addition to your heart, lungs, mood, etc. Try taking a walk after meals each day.  
  4. Go when you need to go. While sometimes we need to wait until we find a bathroom, it’s important to listen to your body’s natural cues. Get to the bathroom as soon as you feel the urge, as delaying can make your stool harder.
  5. Put your feet up. Elevating your feet on a stepstool or “squatty potty” can help relax your body and make it easier to pass a BM. You can even use two yoga blocks!
  6. Give yourself time. Your body may need more time to relax and let things get moving. Try not to rush yourself – and relax.
  7. Chew on this! Kiwi Regularity Chews are delicious, and they improve regularity and support digestion.* They also contain prebiotics to give your gut microbiome a boost!*

About Kiwi Regularity Chews

These chews are sweetened with organic Reb A stevia extract as well as monk fruit extract (luo han guo). The benefits include:

  • Improved regularity*
  • Reduced occasional constipation*
  • Better digestion*
  • Prebiotic microbiome boost*

With over 15 real, organic kiwifruits in every bottle, Kiwi Regularity Chews contain Actazin kiwifruit in every bottle. These kiwifruit help maintain regularity and healthy digestion.*

Kiwi Regularity does NOT contain probiotics, but it does offer prebiotics to help give your gut microbiome a boost.* When your gut starts feeling regular, your whole body feels the lift! Remember: Probiotics are the “good” or beneficial bacteria in your microbiome; prebiotics are a fiber that also support gut health by helping the microbiome flourish.*

What are the Benefits of Kiwi Chews?

Does kiwi help with digestion? New Zealand green kiwifruits provide fiber, nutrients and a unique digestive enzyme called Actinidin. This combination is potent – and provides benefits not only for digestion but also for regularity and microbiome health.*

The dietary fiber found in kiwifruits retains more water than other common sources of fiber. It can also swell up more! It takes on three times its original volume. That’s a whopping 12 times times more than wheat bran, six times more than apple fiber and 150% more than psyllium. When it comes to water retention, kiwifruit fiber also has twice the capacity of apple fiber and four times that of wheat bran. This is what allows green kiwifruits to help maintain normal bowel movements.*

Zespri kiwifruits are the type we use in Kiwi Regularity, and they are special! Zespri is the world’s leading kiwifruit manufacturer. They have a unique 12-stage system to grow kiwifruit to the highest standards on the planet for both quality and sustainability. In order to ensure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides contaminate their crops, every orchard they run is independently tested for agricultural residues before each and every single harvest.

They use a custom-managed irrigation system that ensures no water is wasted. Plus, the trimmings pruned from the vines are mulched then used to enrich the soil of the orchards so that nothing goes to waste. Kiwifruit that are grown in New Zealand are also exposed to more ultraviolet light, leading to higher levels of secondary metabolite that offer promising health benefits.

What is Actazin?

Actazin is a clinically studied, cold-pressed extract made from non-GMO, Zespri New Zealand kiwifruit that comes with a whole host of benefits. It is through Zespri’s processing and drying techniques that they are able to ensure that high levels of key nutrients and bioactives are maintained.

In a study on the efficacy of Actazin for promoting regularity, Actazin was shown to increase the number of weekly bowel movements of healthy individuals.* The study concluded that while a higher dosage (2,400 mg) was optimal for when someone was feeling “stopped up,” a lower dose of 600 mg was ideal to for the maintenance of regular bowel movements.*

Beyond maintaining normal regularity, Actazin helps to bring out a whole host of other beneficial aspects of the kiwifruit, including prebiotics to help the microbiome flourish and the enzyme Actinidin to enhance protein digestion.*

In vitro studies have demonstrated Actazin to have a positive effect on beneficial bacterial strains such as those in the gut microbiome.* Actazin supported the growth of common probiotics without supporting growth of unwanted bacteria.* Results from studies suggest that 25mg of Actazin can boost the population of 1 billion CFU of bacteria to a 90% increase in growth.

Does Every Kiwi Chew Have Real Kiwi?

They sure do! Our Kiwi Regularity Chews are made with REAL kiwifruit. Peek at the label:

Taking Kiwi Regularity Chews is simple: Chew 2 relief chews daily. More may be taken as needed, not to exceed 6 daily. Natural speckling may occur. Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition.

Shop for Kiwi Chews at Enzymedica.com or find a store near you. Enzymedica products are sold in stores nationwide and on your favorite online retailers! A 30-count bottle costs $22.75.

Why Trust Enzymedica

We are the number one seller of digestive enzymes in America! At Enzymedica, our mission has remained the same since 1998, to make great health easy for everyone! Since the first day, we have been providing natural digestive health and wellness products of the highest quality and efficacy. We develop formulas based on the same high standards, each tailored for your unique needs or health goals. And we always source the best ingredients available on our planet, each backed by cutting-edge scientific research. Learn more about our mission – and how we are committed to helping people and planet.

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Now here's a look at our specialized digestive enzyme formulas:  

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GlutenEase® breaks down breads, pastas and grains.* Enjoy the foods you love with no bloat or discomfort. Take daily with each meal for gluten intolerance. This blend of powerful gluten-intolerance enzymes efficiently breaks down both gluten and casein. It also protects against hidden gluten in meals.*

GlutenEase® Extra Strength offers double the digestive power for maximum potency to quickly break down foods with both gluten and casein.* It guards against hidden gluten in meals – with our most advanced gluten intolerance enzymes.

DairyAssist® breaks down dairy sugar and protein.* Take DairyAssist® daily with each meal to enjoy ice cream and cheese – no bloat or discomfort.* It contains dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes that quickly break down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief.* DairyAssist® makes every part of dairy more easily digested.*

Lacto® breaks down your dairy-heavy meals, so you can enjoy the foods you love.* Formulated for lactose intolerance, take daily with each meal for no bloating, gas or discomfort!* With maximum-strength dairy intolerance enzymes, Lacto is packed with powerful enzymes for meals that contain lots of dairy.* It breaks down lactose (dairy sugar), casein (dairy protein) and dairy fats for complete meal digestion.* Grab this one before you dig into that cheese board!

Lypo Gold® breaks down fatty foods! Enjoy the foods you love and take it daily with each meal to relieve discomfort, for no gas or bloating.* These fat-digestion enzymes are keto-friendly.* They quickly break down all fatty foods, from healthy to greasy ones, along with protein and carbs. Whether you have a gallbladder and not, Lypo Gold has your back!

VeggieGest® breaks down all vegetables – so you can enjoy the veggies you love! Take daily with each meal to prevent bloat for no gas or discomfort. This whole-food meal enzyme blend actively breaks down the complex carbs in vegetables, grains and legumes to enhance nutrient absorption. It’s great for vegetarian and vegan diets as well as any diet that’s rich in whole foods that are unprocessed.

While Kiwi Regularity chews are for adults, we do have chewable digestive enzymes just for kids!

Kids Digest™ gives them gentle digestive support to break down food fast, all in a chewable, fruit punch-flavored tablet. Powered by Thera-blend™, the enzymes in Kids Digest are proven active throughout the entire digestive tract. Put enzymes on the menu at mealtime, to help your little ones unlock the most nutrition out of everything they eat.* When kids are free of tummy discomfort – including occasional gas, indigestion, cramps and bloating – they can focus on having fun again.*

Note: Digestive enzyme supplements are not suited for individuals with allergies or celiac disease. Food allergies are immune reactions. A food intolerance is an enzyme deficiency. This blog helps explain the difference.