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VeggieGest: The Must-Have Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Veggie-Heavy Diets*

July 14, 2022 by Enzymedica Team
VeggieGest: The Must-Have Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Veggie-Heavy Diets*

“Eat more vegetables!” It’s advice for healthy eating that we all hear all the time – but sometimes that’s easier said than done. And eating those veggies is only half of it. We also need to be able to digest them properly, to put all their beneficial nutrients to use. Whether you love eating veggies – but not the bloat, gas and discomfort they sometimes cause – or you’re struggling to get more of them onto your plate, VeggieGest™ can help.*

This formula can help you get the most out of all the good veggies you eat without worrying about digestive discomfort! Both those on plant-based diets and those who love a good three-bean chili can use enzymes designed to break down the carbs found within vegetables to reduce occasional gas and bloating.* Powered by Thera-blend™, the enzymes in VeggieGest™ are active throughout the entire digestive tract, maximizing your health benefits.

Enzymedica VeggieGest™ contains a blend of 12 different enzymes, 10 of which are designed to break down hard-to-digest carbohydrates like fiber and related polysaccharides.* One of the most important enzymes is alpha galactosidase, key in digesting the lectin sugars in beans, grains and raw vegetables that create digestive discomfort.*

Read on to learn more about VeggieGest™, how the enzymes inside offer support – and tips for eating more veggies, too.

  • VeggieGest™ breaks down all vegetables, so it’s great for vegetarian, vegan and whole food diets.*
  • Enjoy the veggies you love – with no gas or discomfort*
  • Prevents bloat and contains enzymes for meals made with whole (unprocessed) foods.*
  • Actively breaks down complex carbs in vegetables, grains, and beans to enhance nutrient absorption.*

What is VeggieGest™?

VeggieGest™ is a digestive enzyme supplement formulated to break down all vegetables.* It’s great for vegetarian, vegan and whole food diets.* With VeggieGest™ from Enzymedica, you can enjoy the veggies you love – no gas or discomfort.* Taken daily with each meal, VeggieGest™ prevents bloat.* This non-GMO dietary supplement, from the #1 best-selling brand of digestive enzymes in America, contains 12 enzymes for meals made with whole (unprocessed) foods.*

Should vegetarians take VeggieGest™? Anyone who eats a diet rich in vegetables can benefit from VeggieGest™ -- vegetarians, vegans, plant-based eaters and those on a whole-foods diet.

The enzymes in VeggieGest™ actively break down complex carbs in vegetables, grains and beans to enhance nutrient absorption.* As with all Enzymedica enzyme formulas, VeggieGest™ includes Thera-blend™ enzymes, which are proven effective all the way through your digestive tract.* Your GI tract is a diverse and active place, and the pH (acidity or alkalinity) isn't the same all the way through. With Thera-blend, the enzymes are proven to work!

VeggieGest™ is vegan. Our products are dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and certified by the Clean Label Project. We use vegan and vegetarian ingredients whenever possible, and our products are certified Kosher when possible.

Benefits of VeggieGest™

VeggieGest™ is formulated to break down all vegetables, so it’s great for vegetarian, vegan and whole food diets.* Whether you’re new to the plant-based world or you’ve been eating this way for a long time, VeggieGest™ offers support in breaking down the vegetables in every meal.* (Yes, VeggieGest™ can be taken daily.)

  • Actively breaks down complex carbs in vegetables, grains, and beans to enhance nutrient absorption.*
  • Contains enzymes for meals made with whole (unprocessed) foods.*
  • Enjoy the veggies you love*
  • No gas or discomfort*
  • Prevents bloat*

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How Can I Eat More Vegetables?

Plant-based diets that contain more vegetables offer lots of benefits for your health. However, only one in 10 American adults are eating enough. We need to aim for at least 2 to 3 cups of veggies a day. Are you the “one” – or among the nine? Either way, these tips can help you get more vegetables into your meals and snacks each day.

  1. Start strong. Love starting your morning with scrambled eggs and toast? Load your eggs up with veggies. Spinach, peppers, onions, broccoli – there are so many options here. You can use leftovers from last night’s dinner or sauté a big batch every few days to add to breakfast.
  2. Bulk up meals. Want to make your meals more voluminous without adding loads of fat and calories? Turn to veggies. Frozen cauliflower rice is a quick way to get an extra serving or two into a meal. Add to grains, soups or stews, or season with herbs and spices for a veggie side.
  3. Blend them in. Dark leafy greens are so good for you, but eating a whole salad might not be what you crave each day. Try blending spinach, kale and other greens into your favorite smoothies or soups.
  4. Go easy on yourself. No time to prep fresh veggies? Frozen vegetables can be equal to fresh in terms of nutrition. Just make sure you choose products that are only vegetables – no salt, butter or seasonings added, so you can control the nutrition.
  5. Make soup. Whether you eat a 100% vegetarian diet or eat meat, a soup loaded with vegetables is an easy way to make a lot of healthy food that delivers multiple servings of plants.
  6. Change their shape. If you don’t like the texture of certain vegetables, try them in different forms. Turn zucchini into noodles, broccoli stems into rice or carrots into shreds. The nutrition won’t change, but your enjoyment might!

What's Inside VeggieGest™?

VeggieGest™ is formulated to break down all vegetables.* The enzymes in VeggieGest™ actively break down complex carbs in vegetables, grains and beans to enhance nutrient absorption.* This formula contains 12 different digestive enzymes, including alpha galactosidase.*

Where can you buy VeggieGest™? You can find VeggieGest™ and other Enzymedica digestive enzyme supplements online or at your stores nationwide. Shop Enzymedica VeggieGest™.

VeggieGest™ Ingredients

Here’s a general look at what those enzymes do, since each one has its own role:


Nutrient Target

Protease Thera-blend™  


Amylase Thera-blend™


Lipase Thera-blend™

Dietary fats

Cellulase Thera-blend™  



Lactose (milk sugar)

Alpha Galactosidase

Cellulose (dietary fiber)









Pectinase with Phytase



Hemicellulose (a type of fiber)

What is the Thera-blend Difference?

VeggieGest™ includes Thera-blend™ enzymes that are proven effective all the way through your digestive tract.* Your GI tract is a diverse and active place, and the pH (acidity or alkalinity) isn't the same all the way through.

Our Thera-blend technology makes sure that enzymes thrive in all of the pH levels of the GI tract.* For you, this means the enzymes can help break down food in the stomach, assist with nutrient absorption in the small intestine and support immune and whole-body health in the microbiome.*

How Do I Use VeggieGest™?

You can take VeggieGest™ before meals that are heavy on the vegetables.

Whether at home or dining out, VeggieGest™ is simple to use. Take 1 capsule with each meal. More may be taken as needed.

Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition.

What are Digestive Enzymes?

The enzymes found in your digestive system that help your body break down food are called digestive enzymes, and each one has a specialized role to target a specific nutrient. It's not uncommon to fall short on one or more of these enzymes, but your digestion can pay the price. As a result, you might experience gas, bloating and occasional indigestion.* However, taking digestive supplements with enzymes (like Digest Basic) can help speed up your digestion.*

While enzymes are found in the body naturally, they also come from the foods we eat -- but the processed foods we often consume don't deliver what we need. When we prioritize convenience above all, we might not get enough of what we need to properly digest every meal. Even healthy or clean foods can lose some of their enzyme activity during the cooking process. Age and lifestyle habits also impact our digestive enzyme production.

Why Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

Think about all the different foods you eat in a single day. Now consider how each of those foods makes you feel. Whether you're eating a veggie burger and fries or a pea protein smoothie with extra greens, each food provides nutrients that fuel your body. But to access the benefits of those nutrients, your body needs to be able to fully and efficiently break them down.

Digestive enzymes are enzymes within your digestive system that help break down food into nutrients. To completely convert food into absorbable nutrients, your body needs sufficient supplies of those digestive enzymes – but sometimes we don’t have enough. That could be due to age, lifestyle or personal habits, an inherited genetic deficiency (like lactose intolerance) or simply overdoing it on occasion. Sometimes, your body needs a little help. That’s where digestive enzyme supplements come in.

Digestive enzymes offer your body an all-natural way to assure you have sufficient amounts of the enzymes you need to break down your meals. They offer general support – as well as more targeted support if you have specific food intolerance(s).*

How to Choose a High-Quality Digestive Enzyme Supplement?

Want to know the secret to choosing a quality digestive enzyme supplement? Look at the label! How are the enzymes measured? Enzymes are not weighed in metric units like milligrams or grams. They're also not measured like recipes, in dashes, pinches or cups. That is simply not the way that digestive enzymes function! Enzymes should always be measured according to their respective activity levels, using a specific set of purity, quality and identity of food ingredients standards established by the internationally accepted Food Chemical Codex. As the industry leader in digestive enzyme supplements for over 20 years, we know this -- and we always follow the Codex.

Regardless of which of our products you take for your digestive health, there will always be a rating of each enzyme's activity levels. Look at any of them, and you'll see the "Supplement Facts" label. We provide the various types and activity levels of each enzyme or combination, as well as the specific activities included with each one.

Whatever the enzyme formula that you choose, it will contain Enzymedica's proprietary Thera-blend™ technology. That means that the enzymes will be guaranteed to work throughout the entire pH spectrum found along your GI tract. When other enzyme formulas may fall short or simply not work, our enzymes will be effective in almost all acidic or alkaline environments.

Why Choose Enzymedica, the #1 Enzyme Brand?

When it comes to overall wellness of your body, mind and spirit, digestion is key. At Enzymedica, the leading brand of digestive enzyme supplements in the USA, we offer top-notch solutions for natural digestive health and wellness. Every one of our products is uniquely formulated to be as effective as possible.

For over 20 years, Enzymedica has been committed to offering you natural digestive health and wellness products of the highest quality and efficacy. Every one of our formulas relies on the same high standards. We consistently use the best ingredients available on the planet, each one backed up by cutting-edge scientific research.

Get to know the differences between food allergies and food intolerances, in this blog on our website.

Other Products You Might Like

Here are a few of the various digestive enzyme formulas that we have available.

Digest Gold™ breaks down your biggest meals. Take daily with each meal to enjoy the foods you love and beat the bloat – with no gas or discomfort!* With bloat-busting, high-potency enzymes, Digest Gold™ is the gold standard for digestive enzymes, as proven by its ongoing status as the number one best-selling enzyme formula in the US for over 10 years and counting. With Thera-blend™ enzymes, it quickly breaks down carbs, fats, fiber and protein. Plus, it prevents that too-full feeling and converts food into fuel with ATPro™ for greater energy!*

Digest delivers full-range, everyday enzymes. This formula helps you enjoy the foods you love when taken daily with each meal. It eliminates bloat (for no gas or discomfort)! Digest effectively breaks down carbs, fats, fiber and protein. It speeds digestion and helps absorb nutrients. And it converts daily meals into all-day energy.

Digest Basic™ breaks down the simplest meals – so you can enjoy the foods you love.* Take it daily with each meal to ease bloat (for no gas or discomfort). These essential, easy-on-you enzymes gently and effectively break down fats, fiber, protein, carbs and hard-to-digest foods. Digest Basic prevents indigestion and converts food into vital energy.

Digest Spectrum™ breaks down all your problem foods.* It’s for all food intolerances!* Take daily with each meal for no gas or discomfort to enjoy the foods you love.* With enzymes for multiple food intolerances, this specialized, high-potency formula breaks down gluten, phenols, lactose and casein.* A repeat award winner, this formula relieves digestive discomfort from all major food intolerances.* Not sure which foods are causing your intolerance? Reach for Digest Spectrum.*

Now here's a look at our specialized formulas:  

Bean Assist™ breaks down gas-inducing foods.* When taken daily with each meal, you can enjoy the foods you love and stop gas. That means no bloat or discomfort! Ideal for the nights when chili, cabbage rolls or loaded burritos are on the menu. These fast-acting enzymes break down complex carbs in fiber-rich foods like beans, cabbage and broccoli.* The formula stops gas and bloating before it starts – and makes meals easier to digest.*

GlutenEase™ breaks down breads, pastas and grains.* Enjoy the foods you love with no bloat or discomfort. Take daily with each meal for gluten intolerance. This blend of powerful gluten-intolerance enzymes efficiently breaks down both gluten and casein. It also protects against hidden gluten in meals.*

GlutenEase™ Extra Strength offers double the digestive power for maximum potency to quickly break down foods with both gluten and casein.* It guards against hidden gluten in meals – with our most advanced gluten intolerance enzymes.

DairyAssist™ breaks down dairy sugar and protein.* Take DairyAssist™ daily with each meal to enjoy ice cream and cheese – no bloat or discomfort.* It contains dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes that quickly break down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief.* DairyAssist™ makes every part of dairy more easily digested.*

Lacto™ breaks down your dairy-heavy meals, so you can enjoy the foods you love.* Formulated for lactose intolerance, take daily with each meal for no bloating, gas or discomfort!* With maximum-strength dairy intolerance enzymes, Lacto is packed with powerful enzymes for meals that contain lots of dairy.* It breaks down lactose (dairy sugar), casein (dairy protein) and dairy fats for complete meal digestion.* Grab this one before you dig into that cheese board!

Lypo Gold™ breaks down fatty foods! Enjoy the foods you love and take it daily with each meal to relieve discomfort, for no gas or bloating.* These fat-digestion enzymes are keto-friendly.* They quickly break down all fatty foods, from healthy to greasy ones, along with protein and carbs. Whether you have a gallbladder and not, Lypo Gold has your back!

Note: Digestive enzyme supplements are not suited for individuals with allergies or celiac disease. Food allergies are immune reactions. A food intolerance is an enzyme deficiency. A dietary supplement such as Digest Spectrum™ works best for individuals with known food intolerance reactions or those looking to provide support for cross contamination when eating away from home.