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The Many Health Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes

May 6, 2020 by Enzymedica Team
The Many Health Benefits of Proteolytic Enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes are the Swiss Army knife of dietary supplements in that a single dose of these miracle enzymes offers multiple benefits. Also known as proteases, these enzymes travel through the bloodstream to break down proteins that are one of the 3Ds: dead, damaged or don’t belong.*

Enzymes are fast acting, so if you take them with your food, proteases will only break down the protein in your food. If taken in between meals, however, proteases can be absorbed into the bloodstream to do a clean sweep throughout the body, clearing out 3D proteins and providing systemic benefits.*

In this blog, we are going to talk about the different proteolytic enzymes and their corresponding health benefits, namely how proteases can help with:

  • Digestion*
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Workout recovery*
  • Immunity*

Various foods that help add the benefits of proteolytic enzymes 

What Are Proteases and How Do They Help With Digestion?

As the name suggests, proteases are enzymes that break down proteins. The ending of the word—“ase”—informs us that this is an enzyme. The beginning of the word—“prote”—tells us that this enzyme breaks down proteins.

Proteases work like tiny scissors in the gut to break down proteins from our food into amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. These amino acids are integrated into the blood stream and utilized for various functions in the body, including cellular repair.

Many people need to eat a considerable amount of protein to keep their bodies functioning optimally. But even if they consume large amounts of protein every day, if they don’t have the proper proteases in their gut, they are not absorbing the amino acids from their food.

For example, when we eat a steak, our gut may have trouble breaking down such a large amount of protein. If we take a protease supplement, however, these enzymes are able to break down the protein effectively. By adding proteases, we not only enjoy the taste of our food, but we are also being nourished by our meal.

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How Do Proteases Support Cardiovascular Health?

Nattokinase supports circulation and blood pressure.* Blood clots form when blood platelets, fibrinogen and red blood cells aggregate in the bloodstream. Nattokinase breaks down excess fibrin in the blood, which is the sticky mesh that creates blood clots.*

A man running who is enjoying the benefits of proteolytic enzymes

How Do Proteases Improve Workout Recovery?

Proteases offer hope for those with stiffness or soreness in the body who want to take a natural supplement that is easy on the stomach. The protease enzymes bromelain and serrapeptase are the perfect solution as they naturally help reduce soreness due to overexertion.*

Bromelain comes from the pineapple plant and is the most common protease used to support joint health.* Other studies show that bromelian reduces healing time and discomfort following strenuous activity.*

Proteases, such as serrapeptase, also help speed up muscle recovery after tough workouts.* Intense cardio and weightlifting can cause micro-tears in the muscle tissue, which causes soreness in the muscles. Taking the protease serrapeptase can prompt our muscles to recover quicker so that we can get back into the gym.*

How does serrapeptase do this? Imagine the bicep muscle as a colander. If protein fluids in the muscle are too thick, they won’t drain into the bloodstream, resulting in a buildup of fluid in the muscle. Serrapeptase thins the protein fluids, which allows them to be strained out of the muscle and into the bloodstream.* 

By taking natural supplements like serrapeptase and bromelain, muscles are able to recover faster and workouts become more fun*—so there are no more excuses to get your workout in!

A woman lifting weights and enjoying the benefits of proteolytic enzymes

How Do Proteases Boost the Immune System and Relieve Congestion?

Another key benefit to taking bromelain and serrapeptase is their immunity-boosting properties.* Proteases are like a megaphone in that they improve the immune system by amplifying the body’s own defense mechanisms.*

A man running who is enjoying the benefits of proteolytic enzymes

Enzymedica Products With Proteolytic Enzymes

Given the multiple health benefits proteolytic enzymes provide, Enzymedica offers several supplements containing these valuable ingredients.

To help with digestion, Digest Gold is America’s #1 selling enzyme formula and contains proteolytic enzymes to help digest proteins in food.*

Enzymedica’s premiere post-workout supplement Repair Gold contains both bromelain and serrapeptase, to support joint and muscle comfort after strenuous exercise.*

What sets Enzymedica’s serrapeptase products apart are that we source this enzyme from a bacteria rather than the typical source, the Japanese silkworm. Serrapeptase harvested from the silkworm is effective in a narrow range of pH and temperature. Enzymedica’s serrapeptase, however, is sourced from a bacteria, and it is effective in a much larger range of pH and temperature.

This is important because the body has very different pHs and temperatures from top to bottom, and these levels are constantly in flux. Taking a supplement that is effective in a larger range means that it is effective in more parts of the body at any given time. This also means that you’ll be able to take fewer capsules of the Enzymedica serrpeptase products for the same level of effectiveness.

Enzyme Defense and SerraGold are the gold-standard supplements to boost the immune system.*

Natto-K promotes optimal circulation and cardiovascular health, as well as maintains normal clotting and blood flow levels already within the normal range.* Natto-K contains a specialized formula of nattokinase, NSK-SD, shown in blood vessel research to be more effective.

By taking protease supplements, which reduce discomfort, as well as strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular health, it’s easy to lead a healthy and active lifestyle!*