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Splash into Summer with 8 Healthy Habits and 10 Travel Wellness Tips

June 14, 2023 by Enzymedica Team
Splash into Summer with 8 Healthy Habits and 10 Travel Wellness Tips

Summer is (finally!) here. When you wait all year for this season of fun and sun, you deserve to make the most of every day – and that includes feeling awesome. We’ve got eight healthy habits for optimal summer wellness, plus 10 tips to help you feel your best no matter what you have planned this summer.

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8 Habits for Optimal Summer Wellness

  1. Stay hydrated.

When temperatures rise, your body keeps cool by sweating, so that means you need to drink more to stay hydrated. While the “eight cups a day” rule has largely been debunked, you want to drink water before you get too thirsty, which can be a sign of mild dehydration.

Choose water over other drinks – especially sugary or alcoholic ones. It’s OK to add a bit of flavor to your water to entice yourself to drink up. Try slices of cucumber or citrus fruit, fresh herbs or berries.

  1. Eat with the seasons.

In most of the country, summer means fresh fruits and vegetables are in season – making them more accessible and affordable. They’re also tastier! Your body and mind will thank you for “eating the rainbow” each day. When you’re away from home or too busy to eat your usual nutrient-dense diet, choose a multi that does more, made with 100% whole food nutrition.*

Did you know? While you can get most nutrients from food sources, it can be tricky to get enough omega-3 fatty acids through diet alone. The majority of adults fall short, affecting everything from their heart and vision to joints and even mood.* Thankfully, fish oil supplements like Aqua Biome™ can deliver optimal amounts.*

  1. Know how to handle the heat.

Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or heading out for a hike or bike ride, it’s important to take care of yourself when the weather gets hot. In addition to hydration and regularly applying sunscreen, make sure you’re taking breaks in the shade when you can. Wearing thin, breathable layers can help you stay cool, and wearing a hat and sunglasses can make you more comfortable. Taking a lukewarm or cool bath or shower (or a quick dip in a pool or lake) can also cool you down.

If you’re planning an active vacation, start your day early to beat the heat and don’t overdo it.

  1. Get enough sleep.

Summer means longer, brighter days, which is wonderful news until you want to turn in early, but it’s still light out. And have you ever had that bright morning light wake you well before your alarm?

Sleeping in a dark room can ensure you get healthy rest (and adults need at least seven hours per night). Drawing the curtains and wearing a sleep mask can help you block out the summer sun until you’re ready to be up and at ‘em.  

  1. Take care of your feet.

During the season of bare feet and sandals, our “dogs” are on full display more of the time. Take care of your feet for reasons that go beyond beauty. Blisters and sore feet are no fun – especially on vacation. Heat can make your feet feel swollen or uncomfortable, so give them a soak in ice water or give yourself a quick foot rub. Then slather on lotion and clean socks to help keep them healthy and happy for all your adventures.

And don’t forget about your feet when applying sunscreen. Sunburned feet can make it hard – and downright painful – to wear anything but sandals for a few days!

  1. Make the most of a staycation.

Dream vacation just not in the cards for you this year? You’re not alone. Instead of dwelling on it or letting it bum you out, plan something fun close to home. Resist the urge to turn a week of PTO into a chance to clear your “honey do” list or do other work and focus on fun.

Do crafts with the kids. Spend a day at the lake. Pack a picnic and head to the park. Or if yours is a staycation for one, make the most of your solo time. Sleep in, cook a nice meal for yourself or go for a long walk. Do allll the self-care stuff, from manicures to face masks. You don’t even have to put on “real” clothes if you don’t feel like it some days.

  1. Stick with your routines.

Summer gets busy but make time for what matters – including those foundational habits that keep you feeling your best all year round. Too hot to cook? Make a big batch of food on a weekend morning or lean on salads with grilled protein – from chicken and salmon to tofu. Too sunny to work out? Start early or bring it indoors. You’ll feel better knowing you stuck with these habits!

  1. Practice food safety.

Food safety is important all the time, but especially in summer. Make sure that perishable food is left out for no more than two hours and don’t save any leftovers that have been sitting out in the sun. Never let food thaw on the countertop (use the fridge or microwave) and use a thermometer to ensure all that yummy grilled protein is cooked to the right temperature.

You want your backyard barbecue to be remembered for your delicious grilled steaks or watermelon salad – not that everyone ended up green in the gills!

10 Tips to Feel Your Best on Summer Vacation

Where are you heading this summer for vacation? Whether it’s mountains or sea, the city or the countryside, we’ve got tips to make sure you feel your best!

  1. Hitting the road this summer?

Don’t let occasional nausea steal the excitement of your great American road trip! Stop scrolling and focus on the horizon. If you feel a little queasy as a passenger, try:

  • Nibbling on something simple, like pretzels or crackers.
  • Sip on a carbonated drink like sparkling water.
  • Cracking the window or turning up the AC in the car.
  • Close your eyes and rest for a few minutes.

Ease the quease and enjoy life’s moments without discomfort, with NEW Ginger & Vitamin B6 Gummies.*

  1. Exploring a new city on foot? 

You’ll hit 10,000 steps (and beyond!) by lunchtime. Give your feet and body a break — swap the flip-flops or heels for a pair of comfortable and cute sneakers. 

  • Tuck a couple of bandages into your bag just in case you get a blister and use a product (like an anti-friction balm or powder) to prevent chafing.
  • Carry a backpack or – even better – a crossbody bag. Not only are these types more secure, but they also more evenly distribute the weight. Your back and shoulders will thank you.
  • Traveling solo? Pop in one ear bud and let GPS navigate you so you don’t have to keep looking at your phone.

Stand up to occasional aches and discomfort with three forms of magnesium, with Magnesium Motion.*

  1. Changing up your diet? 

Summer inspires lots of us to change how and what we eat. Whether you’re upping your fiber intake with extra veggies or going full Keto, take things slow to give your body time to adjust. 

  • Drink plenty of water to help keep your digestive system happy.
  • Keep a journal to track your new food habits. Jot down what you ate and at what time, then take note of how you felt later on.
  • Hit up your local farmers’ markets for fresh produce and expert tips on how to prepare it.

Remember that digestive enzyme supplements can help fill the gaps. Find one that works for your diet.

  1. Planning an active adventure?

Whether you’re hiking the Grand Canyon or biking across Kansas, active adventures are an epic way to spend your summer vacation. But take care of yourself so you can go big before you go home!

  • Take along a lacrosse ball for self-massage anytime, anywhere.
  • Packing light? Don’t leave the “camp shoes” at home. You’ll love having fresh shoes to change into after a long day on the bike or the trails.
  • Don’t forget the things that keep you comfy away from home: lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, etc.

And another one: Repair Gold helps relieve joint and muscle discomfort and optimizes the body’s natural recovery process.*

  1. Visiting a county fair or the boardwalk?

Why is the food at these events always so heavy and greasy (and, yes, delicious) even in the middle of summer? Corn dogs and funnel cakes. Deep-fried cookies and cheese-covered everything. Be ready for it!

  • Do a lap before you decide what to eat. That way you can decide what you really want to try.
  • Bring a friend or share food, so you can try more things without feeling overly full.
  • Make your next meal a healthier one. Your body will welcome something fresh, green and light!

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  1. Hosting a big backyard barbecue?

Nothing says summer than firing up the grill and inviting over the whole neighborhood. Here are some tips to make sure no one leaves hungry.

  • Ask guests ahead of time if they have any food intolerances or allergies.
  • Label the ingredients in each dish, and have guests do the same with their contributions.
  • Opt to put out smaller amounts of food, then refilling, to avoid having it sit in the sun for too long.

When you feel the fire of occasional heartburn after one too many spicy grilled chicken wings, we’ve got you – with products for occasional heartburn relief.*

  1. Heading to the beach?

Every body is a beach body, and every body deserves to ban the bloat. (Because occasional gas and bloating are even less fun at the beach!)

  • BYO food, especially if you have food intolerances or dietary restrictions.
  • Make sure you keep foods in a cooler to maintain a safe temperature.
  • If occasional gas and bloating do strike at the beach, throw on your favorite cover-up and carry on.* It happens to the best of us!

Take Digest Gold with you wherever you go, to ban the bloat and boost energy.*

  1. Exploring the world through your taste buds?

Are you a foodie who’s planning a culinary adventure this summer? Be ready for whatever the locals eat, with these tips.

  • If you have any food intolerances, learn how to explain that in the local language. Consider printing a couple of cards to share with servers to avoid any language barrier mishaps.
  • Take note of unique flavor combinations and flavors to re-create them at home.
  • Visit the local grocery store to see how staple foods differ from country to country – and pick up some affordable, unique souvenirs to bring home.

Digest Spectrum is our enzyme formula for multiple food intolerances, and it breaks down gluten, phenol, lactose and casein – pretty much whatever is on the menu.*

  1. Trying to be a “carry-on only” traveler?

Save space with products that do double duty. The moisturizing sunscreen, the shampoo and conditioner combo – and the enzymes plus probiotics!*

  • Buy compression packing cubes to save space.
  • Decanting your beauty products into small bottles is a great idea – but label them so you can tell your conditioner from your face wash!
  • That idea works for supplements, too. Take a small stash of all your essentials – the ones you want on hand, just in case.

Our picks? Digest, Heartburn Soothe and Purify Activated Charcoal Plus!  

  1. Traveling across time zones?

Is your digestive system on the clock? Lucky you! When you’re traveling across the ocean or the country, keep your gut on schedule by eating according to the local time – and drinking plenty of water, too.

  • Change your phone and watch to the local time as soon as possible to trick yourself into adjusting.
  • Resist the urge to take a nap when you arrive. Power through with plenty of sunlight and walk, then go to bed early.
  • Give your digestive system a break the first couple of days. Choose lighter fare as you adjust to your new schedule. Smaller meals throughout the day may also help you maintain your energy.

Kiwi Regularity improves regularity and supports digestion – and it can be taken over time without side effects.*