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pH-Basic from Enzymedica: How This Supplement Can Help Support Gut Health*

August 3, 2022 by Enzymedica Team
pH-Basic from Enzymedica: How This Supplement Can Help Support Gut Health*

Think back to high school chemistry class. Remember dipping little strips of litmus paper into different solutions to watch them change color and test whether they were an acid or a base? That was an example of the pH scale in action. Every solution – including your blood and digestive fluids – has a pH level. And as with everything else in the body, those substances like to stay balanced within a certain range. This allows every structure and function to keep on keeping on. But, sometimes the body needs a little support maintaining homeostasis.*

That’s where pH-Basic from Enzymedica comes in. It is a blend of enzymes, nutrients and botanicals to help stabilize your pH levels to support overall health and wellness.* pH-Basic supports enzyme optimization and pH balance.* This formula promotes optimal digestion and offers natural metabolic support.* In addition to neutralizing your body’s pH levels and supporting digestion, this formula supports digestion, energy levels, cognitive abilities and total body wellness.*

Keep reading to learn how pH-Basic could help you efficiently put enzymes to work in your body – and maintain digestive health.* Plus, you’ll learn how the pH scale applies to your body, including digestion, and find out which foods and habits can impact pH balance.

At a glance:

  • The pH scale shows how acidic or alkaline something is
  • Diet, environment, pharmaceuticals and occasional stress can impact the body’s acidity*
  • pH-Basic from Enzymedica helps maintain gut pH balance*
  • It enhances the efficiency of enzymes and promotes optimal digestion*
  • The body prefers balance – including for pH levels*

What is the pH Scale?

The abbreviation “pH” stands for “potential hydrogen,” and it measures the hydrogen ions in a substance or solution. pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14, with 7 being neutral. The pH scale shows how acidic or alkaline/basic something is.

  • Lower pH numbers are found in solutions where there is high acidity.
  • Higher pH numbers are present when there is greater alkalinity – meaning things are more basic.

The pH of the urine can vary from 4.0 (very acidic) to 8.0 (very alkaline), and that is based on how acidic or alkaline the extracellular fluids are in your body. Plenty of things we eat and do can influence pH levels: The standard American diet, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental toxicants and other common lifestyle choices all have an impact on your body’s pH, which is a barometer of health.

The pH scale is all about balance. You can draw comparisons between the pH scale and your home’s thermostat. Just as you have preferences to maintain comfortable – and those ideal temperatures might change based on the season, your activities or how you’re feeling – so does your body. While the pH scale focuses on acidity or alkalinity (not warmth and cold), each bodily system and function has its own “comfort zone.” And, similar to how you might not be able to sleep ideally if your bedroom climbs over 75 degrees, certain areas of the body also like their environment to be “just right.”

Quick glossary of pH terms

Acid: pH < 7

Acids are acidic and taste sour. They turn litmus strips red.


another word for bases

Base: pH > 7

Bases are basic or alkaline and taste bitter.

Neutral: pH = 7

A substance that is neither acidic nor basic/alkaline. Water is neutral. Acids and bases neutralize each other  

Common pH Levels in the Body

  • Blood: 7.4
  • Intestines: 4-7.5 pH
  • Saliva: 6.7
  • Upper stomach: 4-6 pH
  • Lower stomach: 2-4 pH

How Do pH Levels Affect the Body?

When it comes to pH levels, don’t think of one as bad and the other good. That all depends on the specific system or area of the body. In the human body, a normal pH level for all tissues and fluids of the body — except the stomach — is slightly alkaline. The most critical pH level is in the blood. Through a process called homeostasis (that’s the scientific term for balance), the body makes constant adjustments in tissue and fluid pH in order to keep the blood pH within the strict range of 7.35-7.45. When your body attains those ideal pH levels, it results in optimal digestion and enhanced metabolic enzyme efficiency.*

Different areas of the digestive tract have different pH levels. As you travel down the digestive tract, the pH environment ranges from the acidic to more alkaline. It is within this broad range that digestive enzymes must be active to facilitate digestion, and each enzyme requires a specific pH to allow for optimal performance.


Average pH levels in the GI tract:

  • Upper stomach: 4-6 pH
  • Lower stomach: 2-4 pH
  • Small and large intestines: 4-7.5 pH

pH level and foods

Certain foods are naturally more basic or alkaline, such as:

  • Avocados
  • Dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards, watercress, lettuce, chard, etc.)
  • Grasses including wheatgrass and barley
  • Sprouts

Others are naturally more acidic, such as: 

  • Animal products
  • Beans
  • Grains
  • Nuts
  • Refined sugars
  • Simple or processed carbs

How Does ph-Basic Support Gut Health?

Using alkalinizing agents, such as the ones we include in pH-Basic,™ have been shown to alkalinize the urine and restore balance to the acid-base levels in the body.*

When the gut doesn’t have an optimal pH level, it uses enzymes to return to balance. That’s why pH-Basic uses a blend of enzymes, nutrients and botanicals to help keep pH levels right where they should be.* This lets the body use the other enzymes it has to support optimal digestion, energy levels, cognitive ability and total body wellness.* (In other words, though enzymes can be pinch hitters to help out pH levels, they really need to focus on their “zone of excellence.”) When your pH level is right, the stage is set for you to feel your best. Remember: Your body is basically Goldilocks, with a constant goal of homeostasis to keep things “just right.”

pH-Basic is formulated to maintain your body’s optimal pH level using a synergistic blend of enzymes, nutrients and botanicals.* pH-Basic gets where it needs to go. It is designed to bypass the acidic environment of the stomach and deliver nutrients directly to the small intestine. By optimizing the pH of the small intestine (rather than neutralizing stomach acid), it achieves systemic pH balance.

On top of that, pH-Basic contains Thera-Blend enzymes. Enzymedica's proprietary Thera-blend™ technology means that the enzymes found in pH-Basic will work throughout the entire pH spectrum found along your digestive tract. When other brands’ enzyme formulas may fall short, in almost all acidic or alkaline environments, pH-Basic will be effective. Enzymes need to reach their destination to get to work, and Thera-blend makes sure they arrive!

What’s Inside Every Targeted Delivery Capsule of ph-Basic?

pH-Basic contains Thera-blend™ enzymes. Thera-blend is an exclusive process that combines multiple strains of enzymes that work in specific pH levels, resulting in superior performance in the body.*

Here are the ingredients you’ll find inside every targeted capsule of pH-Basic:

  • Calcium (from Algae): Calcium is an essential mineral.
  • Magnesium (from Algae, Magnesium Citrate): Magnesium is an essential mineral.
  • Sodium (from Sodium Bicarbonate): Sodium is an essential mineral.
  • Potassium (from Potassium Bicarbonate): Potassium is an essential mineral.
  • Herbal Blend of Marshmallow Root & Papaya Leaf
  • Amylase Thera-blend™: Amylases are enzymes that transform carbohydrates into sugar.
  • Cellulase Thera-blend™: Cellulase is an enzyme that breaks down cellulose, otherwise known as fiber.
  • Pectinase (with Phytase): Pectinase is an enzyme that breaks down pectin.
  • Lipase Thera-blend™: Lipases are enzymes that break down dietary fat in the body. They also help the body use fat-soluble nutrients.
  • Protease Thera-blend™: Proteases break down and separate proteins into their building blocks, or amino acids.

Other ingredients: 100% vegetarian capsule (cellulose, water)

Contains no egg, dairy, preservatives, sucrose, soy, wheat, yeast, nuts, corn, gluten, casein, potato, rice, artificial colors or flavors.

Enzymedica does not use ingredients produced using biotechnology


How to Use ph-Basic

Taking pH-Basic is easy, and there are two ways to use this enzyme formula that helps maintain gut pH balance.*

  • For pH maintenance, take 1 capsule before bed with at least 6 ounces of water.
  • For digestive distress, take 1 capsule on an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.
  • Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition.

About pH-Basic from Enzymedica

  • Helps maintain gut pH balance*
  • Supports energy levels, cognitive ability and body system function*
  • Promotes optimal digestion*
  • Enhances enzyme efficiency*

Alkalinizing agents like pH-Basic can promote balanced pH levels in the body.* Not only is pH-Basic formulated with a special blend of enzymes, nutrients and botanicals to maintain the body’s optimal pH level, but it’s been designed to bypass the acidic environment of the stomach and deliver nutrients directly to the small intestine.*

Even more, pH-Basic contains Thera-Blend enzymes. Enzymedica's proprietary Thera-blend™ technology means that the enzymes found in pH-Basic will work throughout the entire pH spectrum found along your digestive tract. When other brands’ enzyme formulas may fall short, in almost all acidic or alkaline environments, pH-Basic will be effective.

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About pH Strips from Enzymedica

  • 15-foot single roll dispenser
  • Accurate color chart
  • Immediate results
  • Know your body's pH level
  • Track progress when using pH-Basic

Want to check your pH levels at home? It’s easy, with our pH-Strips! Our pH-Strips let you know exactly where your pH level is at any moment. This is especially useful when taking pH-Basic, as it lets you track how your body is returning to normal. With a 15-foot single roll dispenser, accurate color chart and immediate results, finding your level is easy and quick. Know where you stand as you get back into balance.

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