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Intermittent Fasting? 5 Drinks That Won’t Break Your Fast Plus a Dozen That Will

January 8, 2024 by Enzymedica Team
Intermittent Fasting? 5 Drinks That Won’t Break Your Fast Plus a Dozen That Will

When you’re fasting, it’s important to stay hydrated. Thirst can sometimes be confused for hunger, and when you’re eating by the clock with hours to go before you break that fast, time can feel like it’s standing still. Maintaining optimal hydration levels matters even more if you’re working out during your fasting period.

Staying hydrated will help you feel your best during and after a fast. But other than plain water, is there anything else you can drink that won’t break your fast? Read on and find out!

5 Drinks That Won’t Break Your Fast

1. Water

Good old water is the easiest and most important beverage on the list. While you don’t need 8 glasses a day (that myth has been largely debunked), you want to drink water before you get too thirsty, which can be a sign of mild dehydration.

2. Sparkling water

If you crave something bubbly and a little more interesting, reach for sparkling water on occasion. Make sure to choose one that contains zero calories. Some brands include sweeteners or fruit juice for added flavor. While they are a delicious alternative to sodas with far fewer calories, such drinks will break a fast. Plain sparkling water or those that use zero-calorie flavorings are fine during a fast.

3. Unsweetened tea

Choose green, black or herbal tea – as long as there are no sweeteners or cream added. Make sure to check for caffeine content if you’re drinking tea after lunch. Its effects can last for hours.

4. Black coffee

As with unsweetened tea, black coffee is a beverage that is acceptable to consume while fasting. If you’re a java junkie who can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of steaming hot coffee, you’ll be happy to know you can keep your habit while fasting! Be mindful: Caffeine’s effects can feel more intense on an empty stomach.

5. Fasting Today

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What Can’t You Drink While Fasting?

One of the biggest mistakes people make while fasting is assuming drinks don’t count. However, that’s not the case! Drinks that provide calories will break your fast – even if they are rich in nutrients or support your health in some way. During your fast, you’ll want to avoid drinking these:

  1. Beverages with caloric sweeteners (including honey, sugar, etc.)
  2. Apple cider vinegar and other vinegars
  3. Kombucha
  4. Bone broth and vegetable broth
  5. Soda (even diet)
  6. Energy drinks (including those with zero-calorie sweeteners)
  7. Alcohol
  8. Fruit juices and smoothies
  9. Vegetable or green juice
  10. Coffee with sugar and/or milk or cream
  11. Tea (herbal, black or green) with sugar and/or milk or cream
  12. Lemon or lime water