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Digest Spectrum™ Voted #1 Digestive Supplement

May 19, 2021 by Enzymedica Team
Digest Spectrum™ Voted #1 Digestive Supplement

Each year, WholeFoods Magazine invites natural products retailers from across the country to vote for the brands that have made the greatest impact on their businesses. And this year, Digest Spectrum™ has been selected as the 2021 Natural Choice Award winner for best digestive health supplement.

This recognition certainly validates the brand’s influence on retailers’ success, but it also represents something greater. It represents the profound trust customers have in the product’s support for food intolerances.

 Food Intolerances Won’t Win With This Winning Choice

Food intolerance results from the gut’s inability to digest food normally or metabolize it completely. The prevalence of food intolerances in the U.S. population is hard to track. It ranges from 2 percent to 20 percent by some estimates1, with lactose, gluten, and casein as the three most common intolerances.2

 Image of Problematic Foods

Living with one or more food issues can make everyday life challenging. Often people change their social plans, avoid eating out, or avoid their favorite foods altogether.

With Digest Spectrum, however, you may not need to totally eliminate those favorite foods. Launched over a decade ago, it delivers a blend of enzymes that break down problem foods. *

Here are five of the biggest reasons Digest Spectrum is the number-one digestive supplement. 

  1. Problem foods are no longer a problem. Gluten? Lactose? Casein? Phenol? Digest Spectrum formulated to take on ALL major food intolerances by creating a food intolerance defense system.* Made for multiple food intolerances, it contains enzymes to target all major food intolerances and break down gluten, phenol, lactose, and casein.* The unique blend of enzymes breaks down problem foods to make eating easier for those suffering from all major food intolerances. * 
  1. It’s packed with the right enzymes for the job. Not all enzyme supplements are created equal, and Digest Spectrum is one of the most effective formulas on the market. It contains powerful enzymes like amylase, lipase, cellulase, and protease, which break down complex foods like carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and protein. * The enzyme DPP-IV is also included to help the body better digest foods containing gluten and casein* And nine other enzymes are included to provide a broad range of digestive support.* 
  1. It’s designed to go the distance. Powered by Thera-blend™, the enzymes in Digest Spectrum are active throughout the entire digestive tract to maximize health benefits. * Thera-blend is an exclusive process combining multiple strains of enzymes that work at various pH levels. They quickly increase enzymes in the digestive system so you can eat those favorite foods without worry over occasional gas, bloating, stomach pressure, or other digestive distresses. *

 People enjoying pizza without the worry of food intolerances

  1. It’s approved by the Autism Hope Alliance. People diagnosed with autism often struggle with occasional digestive issues, and the Autism Hope Alliance recognizes Digest Spectrum as a safe and effective supplementation for addressing multiple food intolerances. * In one complete formula, it helps breaks down gluten, phenol, lactose, and casein, and speeds digestion. * 
  1. What it doesn’t contain is just as important as what it does. Digest Spectrum is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, soy-free, and kosher.

Enzymedica is honored that Digest Spectrum has been voted number one by retailers. We celebrate its success because we know beyond the retail impact lies an even greater impact—the freedom proper digestion can bring.