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A Champion for “Healthy People Powered by Nutrition"

April 30, 2021 by Enzymedica Team
A Champion for “Healthy People Powered by Nutrition"

Enzymedica CEO Scott Sensenbrenner has always followed science in leading his company and its product development. Now, that journey includes an active role in the American Nutrition Association (ANA), the professional association for the science and practice of personalized nutrition.

Last fall, Sensenbrenner joined the organization’s advisory board to provide the ANA with strategic vision and growth guidance. It’s an honor that reflects his passion for helping people gain a personalized approach to good health and nutrition.

“The ANA isn’t just a respected, nonprofit organization—it’s a movement. A movement to unleash the power of nutrition for all Americans,” said Sensenbrenner. “Nutrition is a way to heal, prevent disease, and improve quality of life, and we’re all working to make it easier for everyone to experience the life-changing effects of better health through nutrition.”     

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Targeting the Nutrition Gap

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 60% of Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases, and the leading cause of chronic disease is poor nutrition. Fortunately, science tells us that personalized nutrition is the most powerful antidote to chronic disease and obesity.

Despite this knowledge, the ANA notes that nutrition is vastly underutilized in our nation’s health system and culture, especially when compared to its impact on our collective health.

So if nutrition holds the greatest potential to solve our society’s chronic disease crisis, why then is there such a profound gap between nutrition’s potential and its actual use?

Enter the ANA. Sensenbrenner emphasizes that the ANA targets this nutrition gap through its nationwide efforts to educate, certify, advocate, and connect. It works to:

 Educate the public and professionals in science-based, unbiased nutrition.

  • Certify health professionals in nutrition science and practice.
  • Advocate for state and federal policy that expands public access to nutrition practitioners and insurance reimbursement.
  • Connect an ecosystem of collaborative stakeholders in nutrition that includes universities, policymakers, health professions, the food movement, public advocates, and aligned corporations.

“I’m a big proponent of the ANA and its commitment to unleash nutrition’s potential to reverse this country’s chronic disease and obesity crisis,” said Sensenbrenner.

American Nutrition Association: Envisioning a Society of Healthy People Powered by Nutrition

The ANA is a powerhouse nutrition organization with roots dating back to 1959.

The ANA dynamically brings its vision to life by building on 60 years of compelling programs.