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General Recommendations


You deserve to feel your best before and after you eat – no matter what you put on your plate. For your digestive happiness, implement these habits for healthy digestion:

Eat plenty of fiber and choose whole foods over processed ones. Foods with little to no fiber can make it harder to go to the bathroom and slow down digestive transport times, leading to gas and bloating. Stay hydrated (but skip alcohol, carbonated drinks and those with artificial sweeteners, which can trigger occasional discomfort). Notice which foods give you trouble, and avoid them or keep your favorite natural digestive health products on hand.* Even seemingly healthy foods – from citrus fruit and beans to whole grains and raw vegetables – can be to blame.


Everything in your body is connected, so what happens away from mealtime can impact your digestion. These habits can support healthy digestion as well as overall health.*

Chew thoroughly and slow down when you eat. Both promote healthy digestion and can even help you reduce your food intake. (It takes about 20 minutes to feel full.) Manage your daily stress and listen to your body. Exercise, meditation, yoga and tai chi can help you keep your chill, as can journaling, time in nature and snuggling a loved one or pet. Much of our immune system resides in the gut – and your brain and GI system have a direct connection. Focus on regular, healthy sleep. Missing even one night of sleep can impact digestion – and push you away from health foods. Aim for 7 or more hours per night.

Great health starts with healthy digestion. Let us help you find your digestive happiness.