Testimonials Replacement

I know of all the bad side effects that come with [taking] PPI medications so I stopped. While I still have some indigestion, Acid Soothe really helps. I take 2 a meal and I think anyone in my situation would benefit.

Linda, Acid Soothe

Lypo Gold really works! Taking this product has eased my digestive discomfort in some major ways. I wish I knew about this product years ago! If you haven't tried it you should! 

Brian, Lypo Gold

I just received my first bottle from Enzymedica and I was absolutely delighted to see your product labeled with "Enzymedica does not use ingredients produced using biotechnology." With so many products being genetically edited by CRISPR I am glad to see I have a safe and healthy choice. Don't change your philosophy, my family will be customers for life!

by Mary

I feel good knowing my son is covered with Digest Spectrum if any gluten is accidentally ingested. We have been using it for 2 years now and absolutely love this product.

by Tiffany S.

I have taken Digest Gold as directed for a month. Amazing difference in how I feel! This product has definitely helped my indigestion and overall bloated feeling after every meal.

by Christi

Wow, what a difference after eating when I take Acid Soothe. I'm not bloated or full of pressure. It's only been 2 days on it, plus I have been taking Digest Gold with the start of every meal. I hope this continues!

by Linda C.

I take two Lacto with meals and one with my morning coffee. This is the only product that has worked for my Lactose Intolerance. If i am having a cheesy meal one is taken before the meal and one after. With my morning coffee I will take one because I use milk. What a difference Lacto has made in my life.

by Dianne

It's crazy how affordable Digest Gold is for what it does! I can actually eat now. After having my gallbladder removed, I couldn't eat anything and would only eat when I was at home. It make working in an office very hard and I was always hungry. 

by Jessica L.

I've tried many other digestive enzyme blends and none have even compared to Digest Gold. I use one per a meal, and it's without a doubt the best supplement I've ever used. The price may seem high but for a product that works, it's worth it. I wouldn't want them to change anything in the formula!

by Ludwig K.