Quality Assurance Standards & Certifications

Quality Standards & Certifications

As the leading manufacturer of vegetarian enzyme supplements, Enzymedica is renowned for superior formulations, quality and purity.

We ensure that all ingredients used in production are from the highest quality and purest sources available. We spare no expense to make sure that our formulas never contain fillers or excipients. Enzymedica guarantees the purest products to inspire complete confidence in safety and efficacy.


Exceptional Quality and Purity

Enzymedica always strives to produce superior products by employing established quality control procedures.

To ensure compliance with the Food and Drug Administration’s cGMP regulations, we are committed to maintaining GMP certification via biannual audits from NSF International.

The Enzymedica Laboratory

Enzymes are best measured by their activity in active units, not their weight in milligrams. An enzyme’s activity is verified by its ability to break down its substrate. The Enzymedica laboratory tests each lot of product for enzyme activity. Our lab uses methodologies from the Food Chemical Codex (FCC), an internationally recognized compendium of standards. Use of these recognized procedures assures testing that can be reproduced to verify accuracy.