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Enzymedica is passionate about the power of enzymes. And we receive countless stories from individuals who share our enthusiasm. Enzyme Ambassadors have experienced positive impact on their overall well-being, successfully reached personal goals, or made inspiring changes in their lives. How about you? Do you have a story to share? If you are chosen to become an Enzyme Ambassador, you will receive $250 in free Enzymedica products. 

Bennita and Alicia Freeman

A beauty pageant winner with Asperger's uses Digest Spectrum

Alicia Freeman (photo at left) was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder in 2009. The Freeman family’s experience with Digest Spectrum began in July 2011, when Alicia was 17 years old.

Her mother, Bennita, who'd learned of the benefits of digestive enzymes began offering Alicia Enzymedica’s Digest Spectrum with her meals. The family explains that improved digestion has made a significant difference in Alicia's ability to communicate with others and process her emotions better. The family has continued to give Alicia Digest Spectrum with at least 2 of her meals each day since July 2011.

In Bennita’s words:

“The difference this product has made in her mood and attitude has truly been amazing. Alicia was really emotionally withdrawn in the summer of 2011, but by March 2012 her mood had so much improved that she entered a state-wide beauty contest for girls 16-18 years old and was selected as a state finalist! And that's not all, Alicia had threatened several times to drop out of school during the beginning of her Junior year of high school in August 2011, but she finished her Junior year and is half-way through her Senior year and intends to compete in the beauty pageant again this year! I truly believe that if Alicia had not started taking this product that she may have gotten worse instead of better. It has truly made a difference in both our lives.”

Bennita’s August 2013 Update:

“Alicia has successfully graduated from High School and did go on to participate in the 2013 Miss Georgia Teen National American Miss Pageant again as she had planned (she was selected as a State Finalist again, and did better this year than she did last year in the majority of the events she participated in!). She has also been accepted at the Art Institute of Washington (Arlington, VA) and plans to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Video Production. I give all the credit for the successes in Alicia’s life to God’s guidance concerning the types of foods, vitamins and minerals that Alicia has consumed over the past 2 years. Along with the Digest Spectrum, she would have vegetable and juice caps (made from whole foods) and both these products together (accompanied by much prayer!) allowed Alicia to keep up with her “normal” peers in almost every area of life. Everything hasn’t been “perfect” for her, but she is one of the few young people I know that have been diagnosed with a condition like Asperger’s Disorder and be able to accomplish all that she has!”

Ashley Whetung

Fitness competitor and competitive athlete http://ashleywhetung.blogspot.com

Ashley is a 26-year old fitness competitor, competitive skier and lacrosse player. At 20, she was just like every other University student: She ate poorly, her only training was her sports, and she wasn't sleeping enough. Then she found fitness competitions. The extreme level of dedication and control challenged her in a way she wasn't used to. She had to diet, train, and rest according to a strict protocol which was vastly different from her previous habits. After 12 weeks of contest prep, she competed, and placed 4th in her class and landed an endorsement deal with a reputable company.

Ashley was on top of the world, until she went back to normal life. She found that her body was unable to deal with the stresses she once placed on it daily. Her digestion was weakened after months of low calories and high training. She was discouraged to see the body she had worked so hard for seemingly disappear.

In 2009 Ashley learned she was Celiac and dairy intolerant. As an athlete with food intolerance, it’s tough, as oatmeal and whey-like foods, usually staples to an athlete’s diet, are off limits.

Over the years, Ashley found substitutes, and eliminated the need for certain things.

In Ashley's words:

“After about a year, I found Enzymedica digestive enzymes and my whole world changed again. I was no longer bloated and sluggish, and could once again use the calories I ate to fuel my training. What was better, I was happier without the discomfort and distention that had kept me at home for so long."

“Most of the food we eat, and the environment that surrounds us aren’t as beneficial as they were when things were more pure. We are lacking in minerals and nutrients that we once derived from diet and soil/water intake. Since we can’t change the world, we must change ourselves and supplement for optimal health and wellness. The road wasn’t paved for me, so I am forced to blaze my own path. For that reason, I am stronger.”

Jason Carter

Health Food Store Employee, Enzymedica Fan

I love Enzymedica for its uncompromising commitment to purity within its products. Specifically, their conscious decision to include no fillers of any kind in any of their formulas. When introducing customers to Enzymedica, I utilize a variety of easily relatable metaphors. One I use frequently in describing enzymes themselves is an automotive metaphor, in which the human body is your car, and every single vitamin, mineral and nutrient are the parts and equipment you need to fix your car. Enzymes are the mechanics. Without the mechanics, nothing gets done.

I love explaining to people how supplemental enzymes take pressure off the body, and help to preserve the enzyme potential—what I liken to a giant bank account of metabolic enzymes that are just as unique to you as your fingerprint. The older you get, the more you will need those metabolic enzymes, especially as you approach the final years of your life cycle.

Over the past two years, Enzymedica’s products have helped me restore and maintain my health at levels I once couldn’t even conceive of. I am proud to say that at the age of 32, I’m now in vastly better shape than I was 10 years ago.

Enzymedica is my #1 favorite supplement company in the world, and I will use, and promote their amazing products for the remainder of my life. I literally cannot express accurately how appreciative I am of Enzymedica's principals. They are a company of integrity, honesty, and truth, and I am honored to be an Enzymedica Ambassador.

At my job, I’m affectionately known as “The Enzymedica Guy,” a title I proudly accept. To promote Enzymedica, I significantly enlarged the Enzyme Expert button the company gives you upon completion of your enzyme training. I’ve since designed four other Enzymedica buttons that really compliment the giant expert button.

Remember, you are not what you eat. You are only what you digest. I trust my health to Enzymedica, and you should too!

Marina Hassapopoulou

University Professor. Uses enzymes and probiotics to encourage healthier skin from the inside out

Marina is currently a professor at the University of South Florida. She lives a healthy lifestyle by following a clean diet, getting regular exercise, and avoiding stress. Since the age of 14, however, she has been battling on and off skin issues and hormonal imbalances.

Marina first discovered Enzymedica products when desperately seeking natural remedies for her out-of-control breakouts. Up to that point, she had tried everything--hormonal pills, harsh topicals, herbs, DIY home remedies, and crazy diets with little success: it would always return with a vengeance after a few years.

After seeing an allergist and a holistic doctor, Marina discovered that her breakouts would flare up any time she had digestive issues. While researching remedies she uncovered testimonials from individuals who experienced a reduction in their skin issues and related symptoms with the help of enzymes, and this intrigued her to do more research about Enzymedica.

Therefore, it seemed logical to her that she try out Enzymedica’s digestive enzymes to see if they would help. She started out with Digest Spectrum.

In Marina’s Words:

“The difference in my skin and energy levels was almost instant. From that point on, I was hooked! I started taking Digest Spectrum with every meal so that I could ease up a little bit on my diet. (Who wants to eat only vegetables all the time?) On days where I allow myself to indulge, I use Digest Gold and have no stomach discomfort or embarrassing bloating.. I now feel less self-conscious about my skin when I am lecturing in front of a room full of students. ViraStop and Candidase have also been a lifesaver for times where my immune system needs a boost.”

"The battle against skin issues and achieving optimal internal health is ongoing, but I am glad I discovered Enzymedica to help ease some of the pressure of having to follow a restrictive diet and lifestyle. Now I am focused on repairing myself inside and out. I hope that my story will inspire others, particularly people who suffer with hormonal imbalances and skin disorders. The thing I appreciate about Enzymedica the most is that they are an ethical company and do not use fillers or unnecessary preservatives in their capsules."

Mark Eisenhart

Sponsored Athlete, Spokesperson, Author, Actor, Brand Ambassador, Model, and Transformational Speaker

Mark is a Sponsored Athlete, Actor, and Transformational Speaker garnering international publicity on TV, Radio, Film, Print, and Digital Media having appeared on over 150 programs including The Doctors, American Ninja Warrior, Dr. Tony Live, Prime Time With Taylor Baldwin, The Rush on Shaw TV in Canada, and publications like Veg News Magazine, Muscle and Body Magazine, Optimyz Magazine in Canada, Inspire Lifestyles Magazine in the UK, and many others. His story is being adapted for the screen by The Synergy TV Network. Mark can be reached at www.getimpowerednow.com, www.facebook.com/EisenhartMark, and @GetImpoweredNow on Twitter.

"I stand behind the products at Enzymedica 1000%. They are an INTEGRAL part of my training and nutrition plan. They are an aid to digestion, help to maximize the absorption of vital nutrients, and convert food into fuel. I am truly grateful to the staff at Enzymedica for their sponsorship and continued support."

We are saddened to announce that Enzymedica Ambassador, Mark A. Eisenhart, 44 passed away unexpectedly on February 16, 2014.

Twice decorated for heroism as a Search & Rescue, Firefighter, and Paramedic, Mark recently participated in the “Over the Edge” Boy Scouts of America fund raiser by rappelling 500 ft down the Bancorp Tower in downtown Portland.

We are grateful for Mark's years as a passionate advocate of enzymes in his life and career, and offer our condolences to the relatives and friends Mark leaves behind.

Mary Meier

Hairstylist, artisan, writer. Uses Lypo Gold and GlutenEase for sluggish gallbladder and food intolerance

Mary lives a busy and active lifestyle, but claims it was not always this way. She grew up in a family of ice-cream and junk-food lovers. At a young age, she was the cook for her father and sister. Not knowing better, they ate a lot of processed and easy to fix, but nutritionally dead, foods. Her father eventually developed Type 2 diabetes, and Mary became overweight and unhealthy.

Mary yo-yo dieted through most of her adult years, continuing to eat processed foods, and was usually exhausted and unable to lose weight. Mary eliminated junk food, and began to prepare whole, nutritious foods-no processed foods in an effort to stop the occasional gas, bloating and digestive upset she was continuously experiencing. She gave up all soda, preservatives and high fructose corn syrup, and was introduced to Enzymedica enzymes (LypoGold) at her local health food store.

In Mary's words:

It was love at first dose! Using GlutenEase and LypoGold, very quickly, the burbles and cramps and mysterious aches and pains were gone, and well-being took over! What a relief it is to the entire body when one can properly digest their meal, and utilize the nutrients in a good, healthy diet. I now use Digest Gold, and am thrilled at the new ATPro™ technology. I have also used Repair Gold with great success.”

“I recommend Enzymedica to almost all my hair clients, and I truly believe that the keys to the best health are: proper diet, exercise, and enzymes. All three work together synergistically to create a balanced body. I am, at 51, in a better place physically than I was at 41, or even 31. My weight is normal and stable now, my stomach does its job better. I have energy, and I believe it is because I use Enzymedica enzymes to support optimal digestion and assimilation!”

Sharon Ogden

Health Food Store Employee, Marathon Runner

haron has always been an avid runner—running high school cross-country and graduating to marathons in her twenties. Now, at 32 she runs regularly, but until recently her experience was hampered by the stress of having skin irritation on her hands. It started 8 years ago with just a couple of little spots, but it got steadily worse and became more widespread over the years. Her hands would hurt and itch terribly. The skin was dry, cracked, and spots would “weep.” Sharon was miserable and in a constant state of stress. It not only affected her running, but her overall well-being.

As a health food store assistant manager Sharon happened to come across a brochure from Enzymedica one day at work. It was about enzyme deficiency, and she took particular interest in the part about lipase deficiency (enzymes for fat and oil digestion), and how it can cause skin problems. The brochure recommended Lypo Gold, so Sharon bought a bottle and started taking one capsule with each meal. Within a month her hands were clearing up. The skin was no longer severely dry, cracked, and flaky, and therefore the discomfort was gone.

Over the past few years Sharon has run four full marathons and ten half-marathons. While she declares that she is far from elite status, she regularly finishes in the top 10-20 of her age group. She is currently training for a 10-mile race at Florida’s Disney World resort.

In Sharon’s words:

“My hands are like new, it’s amazing! After having this irritation for 8 years I can’t believe it’s finally cleared. I’ve since added Digest Gold to my enzyme regimen to ensure healthy digestion. I will NEVER be without Lypo Gold or Digest Gold. They are a critical part of my daily health. I feel orders of magnitude better than I did before. I have more energy which I contribute to much healthier digestion. And my running is better than ever! I’m averaging 30-45 seconds faster per mile on my training runs, which is unheard of. I’ve always eaten fairly healthy. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, beans, and minimal sugar. Well, once in a while I indulge in ice cream or cake! When you run as hard as I do, you just have to! But the difference now is the enzymes. To me, they are the key to a foundation of good health.”

Karen Barlow

Australian Marathon Runner

Karen Barlow, age 31, of Australia is an extreme example of an athlete who knows and understands the need for recovery. Barlow is not only a marathon runner, she is also one of the top female runners in the sport today, in 2011 placing 2nd in the Gore-Tex TransRockies Run3 Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon.  In October, 2010 she was the first female finisher in 2 hours, 54 minutes, 56 seconds at the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

Barlow, puts in a daily workout routine that would leave most of us painfully sore, if not permanently immobile from bruised muscles and strained bones. She wakes up at the first light of the morning and goes for a run. In a single day, she might run anywhere from 20 to 30 miles.

After her morning run, she goes to a group session of high-intensity yoga, which is followed by her day job, working as a physiotherapist and helping athletes recover from their injuries and move themselves back into peak physical condition. Mixed in between these activities, she works to tone her body in other ways, with a variety of specialized exercises aimed at keeping herself in top shape. Further discouraging to those of us with less-than-excellent workout habits, this schedule is what she does during her “off-season.” She says that in a few months, she will begin exercising much more.

While Barlow’s physical routine may mirror that of Hercules, her modesty, humor and passion are evident from the first moment of meeting her. In 2011, while spending a year

training and competing in marathons across the United States, she ran with high school students on their runs, and when in Australia, she mentors young gymnasts between the ages of 9 and 18. She says that regardless of what part of the world she is in, she has found that “Kids are kids.” “All the kids in the states want to know if we ride kangaroos out here. I tell them of course we do, we ride them around the block. All the kids in Australia really want to know if there are four aisles of candy in the shops in America,” said Barlow.

Barlow’s athletic efforts have long been hampered by digestive difficulties. As a child, she found that numerous foods would upset her stomach, to a nearly debilitating level of severity. When she went to a doctor, it was suggested that she eliminate those foods from her diet, and for years she subsisted on a bland diet, unable to eat even oatmeal. Several years later, while training in the United States, another runner recommended she try Enzymedica enzymes, and Barlow took her up on the idea.

Her first enzyme product was Digest Gold™, and she believes that she saw results almost immediately. Over the course of a few months, she tried additional Enzymedica products, and gradually began to experiment with foods that she hadn’t attempted to eat for years. While her diet today, primarily comprised of fresh fruits and vegetables, may seem incredibly healthy to the average person, for her, it is dramatically more interesting, and significantly less bland, than what she experienced for the majority of her life. She does sneak in ice cream and chocolate occasionally. “You can’t be healthy all the time, and when you train as much as I do, you have to indulge,” said Barlow.

Barlow says that without enzymes, she would have greater difficulties training for marathons, and likely would not be able to have the same lifestyle that she currently has. A few months ago, when her supply of enzymes ran out, she attempted to maintain the same diet without any supplementation, and found that her old intolerances began to creep back into her daily life.

Back on Enzymedica™ enzymes now, Barlow continues to train hard for her future Olympic efforts and will continue to work with kids into the future. For those who are interested in working towards a more athletic lifestyle, she offers a piece of advice, “When people get so motivated to get out there and do their exercise, they often do too much too quickly. Use small steps, and take it day by day. When you’re starting out, you need to plan for at least 30 days, and then commit for something like 3 days a week, and take the rest of the week to recover.”

Lexi J.

5th Grade Student

In her oatmeal digesting enzyme experiment, Enzymedica’s youngest enzyme ambassador illustrates how enzymes effectively break down the food we eat.  

The Winter 2013 project was presented to Lexi’s 3rd grade teacher and fellow classmates, and you can view the presentation here:


Lexi’s father Bob is a member of the Enzymedica Marketing team and Lexi has been taking Kids Digest™ for several years. In a recent discussion of how digestive enzymes work, Lexi’s family experimented with pouring the enzyme capsules in hot cereal, and making observations of the breakdown process. Lexi was excited to see the enzymatic reactions come to life and decided to make them the subject of her upcoming science fair project at school.

According to her parents, Lexi’s favorite pastimes include science and school report projects. In her spare time Lexi loves to jump rope and play teacher, her 5 year old brother and stuffed animals as her student class.