Making Difference

Making a Difference

As responsible members of the business community, we hope to lead by example in the fight against global warming. At Enzymedica, we understand that there is an emissions footprint associated with our business operations. We partnered with Green Mountain Energy Company in 2009 to take a leadership role in offsetting 100% of the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with our annual electricity, corporate owned vehicles, and corporate air travel. Through this process, Enzymedica is taking responsibility for its share of CO2 emissions and has committed to being part of the solution to global warming. By means of these initiatives, Enzymedica’s business operations since 2009 have been “carbon neutral.”

Corporate Facility Improvements:

  • 113 solar panels reduce CO2 emissions and conserve energy
  • Solar block shades installed in all office windows
  • Low energy fluorescent lights throughout the facility
  • Facility built using all recycled steel
  • Motion detection lights throughout the building hallways, offices and restrooms

Responsible Commitments in Day-to-Day Operation:

  • “Carbon Neutral” Certified by Green Mountain Energy
  • Continual offset of carbon footprint
  • Recycled paper used for packing and shipping
  • Green Seal Certified® cleaning agents used
  • Virtual IT servers reduce electricity and cooling costs

SPARCC Program

SPARCC’s mission is to stop domestic and sexual violence in our communities. Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, Inc. (SPARCC) was formed as a non-profit agency in 1979. SPARCC is the only state-certified center for domestic violence and sexual assault services for Sarasota and DeSoto Counties.

In addition to serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence, SPARCC is actively engaged in promoting social change through community awareness and education in an effort to prevent violence in the future. SPARCC serves its clients through an Outreach Center in downtown Sarasota, satellite offices in Venice, North Port and DeSoto Counties, a shelter operating 365 days a year, a 24-hour crisis helpline, and hospital and local courthouse accompaniment.

Autism Hope Alliance

Enzymedica provides financial support and educational outreach to the autism community. Enzymedica sponsored the Autism Grass Roots Tour, an initiative of the Autism Hope Alliance (AHA), to raise funds for autism awareness and treatment. The Autism Grass Roots Tour reached more than 4,400 individuals. Enzymedica also provided scholarships for families to attend the Autism Treatment Center of America®.

Enzymedica is an annual sponsor of several noted non-profits within the autism community, including Generation Rescue, Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), and AutismOne.Enzymedica also donates to Vitamin Angels, which provides vital nutrition to individuals and families in need.

Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels’ mission is to provide vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition, which works to reduce illness, blindness and death. Vitamin Angels reaches more than 52 million people in over 66 countries around the globe with the power of vitamins to enhance nutrition and health.

Rescue Freedom Project

The Rescue Freedom Project fights for animal rights, and the elimination of animal testing. Enzymedica is proud to support their initiatives – especially Cruelty-Cutter, a mobile app that allows consumers to scan the barcode of products and learn if they have been tested on animals. Enzymedica worked with the Beagle Freedom Project team to pioneer a new dietary supplement registry for the app.

Mote Marine Laboratory

The reefs off the Florida coast are in serious danger, and has been diminishing at a frightening pace. Coral reefs support 25% of all marine life and are critical for the health of the aquatic environment.

Enzymedica has partnered with Mote Marine Laboratory, a world-class institute specializing in aquatic research to save America's reef. For each bottle of Aqua Biome Fish Oil sold, Enzymedica donates to help fund their initiative to regrow our coral reef.

Their innovative method allows corals to grow 40X faster than ever before. Over 20,000 coral have been grown so far, and together, our goal is to regrow 1 mile of coral reef over the next 3 years.