Digestion is one of the most fundamental functions of the human body. It is a process that provides fuel for our everyday lives-the nutrients that give us energy to do the things we love. The occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion that occurs during a digestive upset can throw our lives out of balance and hinder us from doing the things we enjoy most. There are many causes of indigestion but many have food intolerance to blame. Our bodies can occasionally struggle to digest some of the problem ingredients in our favorite foods, like lactose and carbohydrates.

Doctor Murray dicusses food intolerance:

Food Intolerances can be overcome with simple strategies. Some people choose to eliminate problem foods from their diet. This can be challenging as many foods contain derivatives of gluten and dairy. Digestive enzyme supplements can provide solutions for food intolerance, and also provide support for cross contamination for those who are on restricted diets.

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