The Thera-blend® Advantage

Thera-Blend® is an exclusive process from Enzymedica, in which multiple strains of enzymes are blended together for superior performance throughout the entire pH range of the body. Thera-Blend® targets the whole GI tract, which means it is active throughout the entire digestive process.

By combining multiple strains of enzymes that have a different optimal pH range, blends achieve greater activity over a broader pH range. Lab tests show Enzymedica's Thera-blend® enzymes are 3X Stronger and work more than 6X Faster than leading digestive supplements.*

Better Digestive Results

Enzymedica developed a Thera-blend™ process for four main types of enzymes —protease, amylase, lipase and cellulase. Thera-blending allows these enzymes to work across the board in the pH range of a 2-12. Whether the person is acidic or alkaline, enzymes are active in every range of the human body.

Enzymes break down specific molecular bonds in food. For example, a single protease may break down three bonds of a protein, while a blend of four proteases may break down a total of nine bonds. More break down of food means better digestion and absorption.

The Importance of pH

Enzymes function most efficiently within particular pH ranges throughout the body. In order to be most effective and fast-acting, enzyme formulas should have enzymes that work in a wide range of pH levels that naturally occur in the digestive tract.

Thera-blend® has the right blend of enzymes to work throughout the entire digestive system, allowing for more complete digestion of a broad spectrum of foods.