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Cheese? Ice cream? Yogurt? Feel free! Put dairy back on the table with DairyAssist. This dual-action formula is packed with both lactase and protease, the enzymes that help break down dairy’s problem-causing lactose and casein, making it far more effective than brands that only target lactose. DairyAssist provides powerful support for dairy intolerances* so you can enjoy all the deliciousness, without any of the bloat, discomfort, or digestive distress.*

Breaks down dairy sugar
and dairy protein

A complete, dual-action formula, DairyAssist quickly breaks down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief.

Speeds up digestion

Support for dairy intolerance

Enjoy all the dairy foods you love

Breaks down your biggest meals
Breaks down your biggest meals
Breaks down your biggest meals

Each capsule breaks down







Supplement facts

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Recommended use

Recommended use

Take 1 capsule with each meal,
more as needed.

"If you are lactose intolerant, buy these pills; they’re miracle workers."


"Since I’m sensitive to dairy, this allowed me to enjoy foods I would normally avoid. I highly recommend."

Ms. T.

"These work so much better than Lactaid!"


"These pills are my lifesaver if I am ever craving cheese or accidentally eat dairy."


"I have tried other lactose-free tablets and capsules. None of them gave me the complete and immediate relief these capsules do. They are pure gold."

Mary Beth

"Tests showed that my daughter has negative reactions to the whey protein in dairy products. Taking two of these is a miracle. She can still eat most dairy with no stomach aches."


"I am intolerant to whey protein and lactose. This is a life-changer. My life was so sad when I was giving up dairy. With DairyAssist I can enjoy it again! Thank you, thank you. Much better than other supplements of its kind!"


Our purity promise to you

We source only the purest, natural ingredients from across the globe and keep all the artificial junk out. Every product is carefully tested for purity, so you know that what’s on the label is always what’s in the bottle.

Made in the USA Made in the USA
Clean label Clean label
Vegan, Kosher & NON-GMO Vegan, Kosher & NON-GMO

When you love dairy but it doesn’t love you back.

Is your love for dairy unrequited? You’re not alone if you pine for the simple joy of eating ice cream at the beach or savoring a wood-fired pizza with extra mozzarella. Lactose intolerance (the inability to break down milk sugar) affects up to 50 million Americans, due to a deficiency in lactase (the enzyme that helps digest lactase). Not having enough of this enzyme in the gut means eating dairy can leave you feeling less than your best. When we eat dairy without enough lactase, our guts can retain water, leading to uncomfortable symptoms like occasional bloating and irregularity.

Everything you need to know about Digest Gold

Find your perfect digestion fit

Essential, easy-on-you enzymes

Breaks down dairy sugar
and dairy protein

Support for dairy intolerance.
Speeds up digestion.
Essential, easy-on-you enzymes

Breaks down dairy
heavy meals

Enjoy all the dairy meals you love
Support for dairy intolerances

Questions? We're here to help.

What is DairyAssist™?

DairyAssist™ is a non-GMO digestive enzyme supplement for lactose intolerance from Enzymedica, the #1 brand of digestive enzymes in America.* This formula breaks down dairy sugar and protein.* Take DairyAssist™ daily with each meal to enjoy ice cream and cheese – no bloat or discomfort.* It contains dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes quickly break down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief.* DairyAssist™ makes every part of dairy more easily digested.*

What is lactose intolerance, and how can enzymes help?

It’s quite common to have difficulty digesting dairy – lactose intolerance (the inability to break down milk sugar) affects up to 50 million Americans. There are a number of reasons why someone may be deficient in lactase (the enzyme that helps digest lactase). These can include age, genetics and being born without the ability to produce the enzyme. The root cause comes from not having enough of this lactose-digesting enzyme in the gut. Enzymes are designed to break down a specific kind of food or compound, so the more or less lactase we have, the better or worse we can digest lactose. Lactase works by breaking down lactose, which is difficult to digest, and turning it into the sugar glucose, something easy to digest.

When we don’t have enough enzymes to digest the dairy we eat, the body retains water in the gut, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms like occasional bloating and irregularity.

This is where enzyme supplements come in. While DairyAssist includes lactase for digesting lactose, it also includes protease for complete dairy digestion.* Protease, a protein-digesting enzyme, helps break down casein and other dairy proteins, so that every part of the dairy product is easily digested.*

How do I take DairyAssist™?

Taking DairyAssist™ is simple on the go or at home. Take 1 capsule with each meal containing dairy. More may be taken as needed. For a more advanced formula, try Lacto™.

Consult with a physician prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a medical condition.

What is Thera-blend™?

DairyAssist™ includes Thera-blend™ enzymes that are proven effective all the way through your digestive tract.* Your GI tract is a diverse and active place, and the pH (acidity or alkalinity) isn't the same all the way through.

Our Thera-blend technology makes sure that enzymes thrive in all of the pH levels of the GI tract.* For you, this means the enzymes can help break down food in the stomach, assist with nutrient absorption in the small intestine and support immune and whole-body health in the microbiome.*

What will DairyAssist™ do for me?

DairyAssist™ is for lactose intolerance.* Its dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes:

  • Quickly break down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief*
  • Makes every part of dairy more easily digested.*
  • Help you enjoy ice cream and cheese for digestive happiness*
  • No bloat or discomfort*
What are the ingredients in DairyAssist™?

This supplement contains dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes.* DairyAssist™ includes the following digestive enzymes:

Supplement Facts
What is the difference between DairyAssist™ and Lacto™?

Both formulas offer support for lactose intolerance.* For a more advanced formula, try Lacto™. For a gentler formula, try DairyAssist™. Lacto™ delivers maximum-strength dairy intolerance enzymes, while DairyAssist™ includes dual-action, dairy intolerance enzymes.* Both include enzymes to break down both lactose (dairy sugar) and casein (dairy protein) for twice the digestive relief.*

How do I read the amount per serving in the Supplement Facts?

Those are enzyme specific activity levels! Enzymes are not weighed in metric units (such as mg or g). That is not how enzymes function! Enzymes must be measured according to specific activity levels, using unique purity, quality, and identity of food ingredients standards established by the internationally accepted Food Chemical Codex. We know this as the industry leader in digestive enzymes for over 20 years. That is why, no matter what you see on our products, there will always be a rating of each enzyme's activity levels. Turn over any of our products and look at the "Supplement Facts" label. We list the types of each individual enzyme or blend, along with the specific activity levels included with each one.

What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are enzymes within your digestive system that help break down food into nutrients. To completely convert food into absorbable nutrients, your body needs sufficient supplies of those digestive enzymes – but sometimes we don’t have enough. That could be due to age, lifestyle or personal habits, an inherited genetic deficiency (like lactose intolerance) or simply overdoing it on occasion. Sometimes, your body needs a little help. That’s where digestive enzyme supplements come in.

Why do I need a digestive enzyme supplement?

Digestive enzymes offer your body an all-natural way to assure you have sufficient amounts of the enzymes you need to break down your meals. They offer general support – as well as more targeted support if you have specific food intolerance(s).*

Are your supplements vegan? What about gluten-free? Are they kosher?

This Enzymedica product is vegan. Our products are dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free and certified by the Clean Label Project. We use vegan and vegetarian ingredients whenever possible, and our products are certified Kosher when possible.

This product looks different. Did you change the formula?

Thanks for noticing! While the packaging did get a makeover (do you like it?), what’s inside hasn’t changed. We’re still making America’s #1 digestive enzymes, with a commitment to delivering the cleanest, most sustainable and most effective products.

I have a food allergy. Can DairyAssist™ offer me support?*

Digestive enzyme supplements like DairyAssist™ are not suited for individuals with allergies or celiac disease. Food allergies are immune reactions. A food intolerance is an enzyme deficiency.

Enzymedica is committed to your well-being and to the well-being of our world. It’s why we give back to communities and champion sustainability. You can feel good about using our products to improve your health, knowing you’re also helping to make our planet healthier.

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