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Purify Fiber Drink

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Purify Fiber Drink

Purify Fiber Drink is a gentle formula that provides four premium sources of fiber to assist the body’s natural digestion, regularity, and detoxification processes.*

Delicious juice powders and extracts from pomegranate, beet, watermelon, and cucumber provide unique phytonutrients that assist with cleansing.*

This combination is perfectly balanced for everyday use and offers a comfortable alternative to other harsher options for regularity.*

Gut Health*

Purify Fiber Drink includes Tapioca starch. Tapioca fiber has exceptional prebiotic effects, meaning it acts as a "food source" for probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in our stomach.*

Juice powders are included for their ability to aid the body's natural detoxification process and positively influence the microbiome.*

Improved Digestive Health*

Coconut powder, a source of fiber high in nutrients. Beneficial for digestion and a healthy metabolism.*

TheoFIBER® , a unique fiber that comes from cacao pods and supports optimal digestive balance.*

Sunfiber®, a hydrolyzed form of guar gum that aids occasional constipation and promotes a healthy consistency of the stool.*

Fiber Health Benefits

Fiber is a carbohydrate that is found primarily in vegetables, fruits, legumes, seeds, and cereal grains.

There are two types of dietary fibers – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers dissolve in water, whereas insoluble fibers do not. Both play an essential role in the body. Adequate amounts of Fiber promote healthy glucose levels, blood cholesterol, digestion, and regularity.*

So why is it important? Fiber is what speeds up the passage of foods through the digestive system, and helps maintain usual regularity.*

Another benefit is that fiber can make your feel fuller between meals.*

Ideally, the average person should consume about 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day. Many people do not get the recommended amount and may need to supplement their intake.

Usage & Notes

Recommended Use: Mix 1 scoop of Purify Fiber Drink with 8 oz of water. Take up to three times daily.

Consult with a physician prior to use if pregnant or nursing.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Contains: Tree nut (Coconut)


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