Avoid Cross-Contamination When Eating Out

It is possible to avoid cross contamination when you dine out, though it can be tough. Keep yourself safe from bad gluten reactions to food by following these tips for avoiding cross-contamination.

What Does a Food Intolerance Feel Like?

Did you ever eat something and feel that you’re paying for it later on? There may be a reason for that. Many people associate food intolerance with a wide-sweeping set of issues that make it difficult to eat certain foods.

Food Intolerance 101

Food intolerance is the term used when a person has problems digesting a specific food. Eating foods that you can’t easily digest can make you feel terrible. Reacting negatively to certain types of food may be dependent on the volume of the food consumed. For many people with food intolerances, a small amount often does not cause noticeable problems.

Beating the “Carb Coma”

Certain carbohydrates have an effect on the body that has been nicknamed a “carb coma.” This is the tired, low-energy feeling you experience after eating a carbohydrate-heavy meal. We will explore the potential causes of carb coma and how to beat it.

Your Healthy Digestion Action Plan

Suffering from Digestive discomfort is never fun and trying to come up with a healthy plan to tackle those issues can seem overwhelming. So, what should you keep in mind…

Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?

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