Cardiac Enzymes

If ever there was an organ that you wanted to make sure was working properly at all times, the heart would probably be right up there with the brain. Enzymes supplementation can help do just this.

How to Read an Enzyme Label

Taking enzyme supplements can help support healthy digestive function. Enzymes may help you break down certain parts of your foods, improving regularity and supporting more comfortable digestion.

How are Nutrients Extracted From Digestion?

Consuming nutrient-rich foods is important for your body’s overall health, but do you know how your body actually extracts nutrients from the food you eat?

Enzymes vs. Probiotics

There’s a lot of confusion out there about enzymes and probiotics: What are they? Where do I get them? Do they do the same things? And which one should I be taking? The answers aren’t as straightforward as you might think.

What are Enzymes?

Have you ever experienced GI symptoms and considered supplementing with a digestive enzyme? You may have heard that this will help you break down foods better or help with gas and bloating, but do you actually know what an enzyme is? Did you know that in your body there are many different enzymes? Not just ones that break down food. Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about enzymes so let’s start from the beginning!

How can I avoid Digestive Discomfort when I am traveling?

By Doctor Michael Murray, ND Traveling will often lead many of us to deviate from our typical dietary routines. That can result in gut issues. Even the stress of traveling…

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