Dining Gluten-Free in Popular Restaurant Chains

March 27, 2018

Dining Gluten-Free in Popular Restaurant Chains

When you’re headed out to eat with a group of people, deciding on a restaurant can be a daunting task, especially if you or someone in your group lives a gluten-free lifestyle. Whether that is by choice or necessity, it can make dining out complicated. Luckily, this is becoming less and less problematic as an increasing number of popular restaurant chains add gluten-sensitive and gluten-free options to the menu. Whether you’re craving Asian cuisine, Italian, Mexican, pizza, seafood, or even a juicy steak, there is very likely a popular restaurant option for you!

Among the first restaurant chains to offer gluten-free menu items and incorporate safer kitchen practices was PF Chang’s®. Their gluten-free menu is extensive and even includes their ever-popular GF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps, as well as GF Egg Drop Soup, GF Mongolian Beef and the GF Chocolate Dome for dessert.

If you’re craving pasta, look no farther than your local Olive Garden®, where gluten-sensitive offerings include the Rotini with Marinara, Grilled Chicken Parmigiana with Rotini, Herb-Grilled Salmon, and their Famous House Salad without Croutons. Carrabba’s® offers even more gluten-free selections than Olive Garden®. These include Chicken Marsala, Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, and their Fettucine Positano.

Although On The Border® Mexican Grill & Cantina does not guarantee protection from cross-contamination, they do offer many options without gluten-containing ingredients. Among these offerings are several varieties of Border Bowls, fajitas, enchiladas and tacos. If you’re more partial to Tex-Mex cusine, Chili’s® gluten-free menu options include their famous Chili’s Baby Back Ribs, fajita and steak options, as well as choices from their Guiltless Grill® menu.

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Have you developed that inevitable hankering for pizza? With 97 locations across 22 states, Uno®’s Pizzeria & Grill has a range of gluten-free fare that includes pizzas, salads, steak, chicken dishes, and the Uno Burger®.

If you prefer pizza with loads of personality, then look no further than Mellow Mushroom®. This Atlanta-based pizza chain can make pies on their 10-inch gluten-free pizza crust. Combined with an extensive list of gluten-free toppings, you’ll be hard pressed to not find the right pizza for you!

With 191 locations in 33 states, Bonefish Grill® is an excellent option for the seafood aficionado! They have a gluten-free menu for lunch and dinner that includes salad selctions, steaks, chicken, side items and desserts. Gluten-free seafood offerings include Chilean seabass, Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, tilapia, shrimp and scallops. The gluten-free Sunday brunch menu features various omelets.

Outback Steakhouse® has been creating gluten-free menu options for over a decade, and it shows. Their sizable gluten-free menu includes salads, signature steaks, chicken, ribs, seafood, and even the Chocolate Thunder from Down Under® for dessert! Not to be outdone, Longhorn® Steakhouse also has a hearty choice of steaks, sides and seafood menu items that are gluten-free.

These are just a sampling of the more popular restaurant chains that have stepped up to meet the needs of a growing demographic that prefers or requires a gluten-free lifestyle. If your favorite restaurant is not among those included in this article, be sure to inquire with them. If they don’t offer any options now, let them know that the demand is there.

Added Protection

GlutenEase™ and GlutenEase™ Extra Strength are enzyme blends that contain special ingredients needed to break down gluten. They provide peace of mind and an extra layer of protection for accidental gluten consumption or cross-contamination, giving you the ability to dine out with confidence.

It is important to note that all gluten-free offerings are not created equal. When eating out gluten-free, it is imperative that you communicate with your server. You’ll want to be aware of what kitchen practices are in place and how they impact your risk of exposure to cross-contamination. It largely depends on the severity of your gluten intolerance as to how cross-contamination could affect you. For an additional way to mitigate this dietary constraint, you can read more on how digestive enzymes may be able to help.

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