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The Pros and Cons of Elderberry (and How to Pick the Best Black Elderberry Supplement)*

August 19, 2022 by Enzymedica Team
The Pros and Cons of Elderberry (and How to Pick the Best Black Elderberry Supplement)*

Elderberry is one of those supplements that people seem to know about even if they are relatively new to supporting their health and well-being naturally.* Black Elderberry has been used by cultures around the world for centuries.1 But before you reach for these little berries or a supplement that contains them, there are some things to know about black elderberry. Read on to find out the pros and cons of black elderberry, along with what to know about picking the best black elderberry supplement for you and your family!*

At a glance:

  • Black elderberry has been used for centuries to support health.*
  • The European Haschberg-variety is naturally rich in polyphenolic compounds.*
  • Vitamins C, D3 and Zinc also play a role in supporting immunity.*
  • Elderberries can’t be eaten raw, and syrups are high in sugar!
  • Immune Max™ Black Elderberry, with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc, is an all-in-one daily formula.*

The Basics of Black Elderberry

While there are many different types of elderberries, there’s one that is preferred for its health-supporting benefits: Sambucus nigra. That is the Latin or botanical name for the best-known species of black elderberry.2 This is also the type used for human consumption.

In both North America and Europe, black elderberries have been used in traditional herbalism. The berries were considered to be a tonic that promotes respiratory health and overall vitality.*3 The European Haschberg variety is the most valued type, as it has been recognized for being naturally rich in polyphenolic compounds such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, polysaccharides and other berry micronutrients. When carefully extracted using cold pressing, elderberries can retain those polyphenols.

Modern science bolsters the traditional use of black elderberry as a safe and effective supplement. Research has proven that elderberry polyphenols have potent antioxidant and immune supportive properties.* When these healthy antioxidant compounds enter the bloodstream, they serve as powerful free radical scavengers that support the body’s natural immune defenses.*4 More recently, researchers have found that Elderberries also enhance the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.*5 (Most of the immune system resides in the gut!*) Black elderberries fortify the relationship between the gut, respiratory system and the body as a whole.*

The Cons of Black Elderberry

  1. Elderberry needs to be cooked or processed to be safely consumed by humans – and only some parts are edible. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable supplement. You can’t go to your yard and snack on the berries straight off the tree! And the bark and leaves are not used in herbal supplements. Only the ripe berries (which are then cooked or processed/extracted) should be consumed.
  2. Some formats of black elderberry can be quite high in sugar! Syrups and many gummies are mostly sugar or other sweeteners. (Instead, you want to look for sugar-free options, like the ones we talk about below.)
  3. If you do decide to make your own black elderberry supplements at home, you need to time that just right. The berries aren’t available all year round. There’s an old saying in England that the Elder marks the start and end of summer, with the flowers appearing at the beginning of the season and the berries reaching their ripe peak as the season wanes. If your body is craving black elderberry, but it’s the middle of winter, a DIY recipe can’t happen!
  4. While black elderberry does offer potent support for the immune system, it’s not the only way to support your natural defense system.* (That’s why we created an all-in-one daily formula to support immune health, with more than just black elderberry!*)

About Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc

  • Contains 4 key ingredients Elderberry, Vitamins C and D3, and zinc picolinate to help protect against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural innate and adaptive immune function*
  • Potent nutrient support to help maintain healthy cells during seasonal challenges*
  • Elderberry comes from whole-food, extra virgin Elderberry juice that preserves their natural goodness
  • Equal to 72 berries per serving!
  • Contains >3% polyphenols from Elderberry

The powerful formula in Immune Max™ Black Elderberry contains four key ingredients.* Elderberry, Vitamins C & D3 and zinc have been proven over time to be vital in supporting and promoting everyday immune health and well-being.*  It contains the European Haschberg-variety of whole food black Elderberry, and a prebiotic fiber to help feed good bacteria in the digestive tract.*  Each of the ingredients in this product play a unique role in supporting your immune system and protecting you and your microbiome against environmental threats.*

For years, the essential ingredients in this unique, all-in-one formula have been recommended as natural ways to boost the immune system and help guard against environmental threats.* This powerful blend of extra virgin elderberry juice concentrate, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc contains key ingredients that have been proven over time to be vital in supporting and promoting everyday immune health and well-being.* While individuals are often faced with the challenge of buying these ingredients separately and subsequently taking many pills a day, Enzymedica’s Immune Max is "just what the doctor ordered!" 

Other ingredients that support immunity*

Vitamin C and immunity*

Vitamin C must be obtained through healthy foods or supplementation, and so often in our busy lives we need a little help to meet our nutritional needs. Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant which cells within the immune system need to function, especially natural defense cells such as phagocytes and T-cells.* Our Vitamin C includes sources from Acerola; a cherry-like plant common to tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. 

Our bodies are able to manufacture Vitamin D3 from exposure to sunlight. However, many of us spend so much time indoors we are not able to manufacture enough of this naturally occurring nutrient. Vitamin D3 supports healthy immune modulation and is an invaluable ally when dealing with environmental threats.*7

Zinc and immunity*

Zinc is an essential mineral that your body does not store and needs to be regularly replenished. It is involved a multitude of aspects of cellular activity and plays crucial role in development and function of vital immune responses.*8

What’s Inside Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc

How to take Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc

Recommended Usage: Take 1-2 capsules daily with food.

Caution: Recommended for adults only. Should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. Consult with a physician prior to use if taking medications or have a medical condition.

Where can you buy Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc? Shop for Immune Max™ Black Elderberry and all of our formulas at Enzymedica.com – or find a store near you. Enzymedica products are sold nationwide and globally, both in stores and online.  

Other Immune Support Formulas You Might Like

Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc

These sugar-free, naturally flavored On-the-Go Immune Packs are delicious – and perfect for the whole family!*

  • Boosts immune, sinus & respiratory health*
  • Helps warm & soothe scratchy throats*
  • Supports upper respiratory tract health*
  • Zinc naturally provides fuel for your body’s immune functions*

Enzyme Defense™

Our enzyme formula for immune and respiratory support, this formula is packed with enzymes like protease, catalase, serrapeptase, and Mucolase® to help neutralize free radicals, digest mucus, encourage healthy circulation and support systemic health.*

  • Supports healthy immune function and circulation*
  • Helps remove unwanted proteins from the bloodstream*
  • Provides support to help purify the body*
  • Promotes breakdown of excess mucus*

Or try Enzyme Defense™ Extra Strength, with double the natural immune support to promote respiratory and immune health!*


This high-potency, fully vegan supplement contains proteolytic enzymes to break down proteins.* Serrapeptase is a protein-targeting enzymes that has the ability to survive the digestive tract and circulate through the body, breaking down unwanted and damaged proteins anywhere it finds them, and helping the immune system and physical recovery.*

  • Optimizes the body's immune function*
  • Promotes recovery, circulation & cardiovascular function*
  • Supports mobility and sinus health*
  • Gentle, vegan enzymes
  • Contains high potency serrapeptase enzymes


This all-natural, non-drowsy formula promotes easy breathing during seasonal or occasional congestion.*

  • Helps break down excess mucus*
  • All-natural seasonal wellness support*
  • Non-drowsy solution
  • Additional enzymes to support mucus relief*

Why Trust Enzymedica to Support Your Immune, Digestive and Overall Health*

We’re on a mission to make great health easier for everyone – while helping people and planet! Since 1998, Enzymedica has provided natural digestive health and wellness goods that are clean, long-lasting, and efficient. Regardless of your specific symptoms and/or health goals, our products are always formulated to meet the same stringent standards. And we always promise to use the finest ingredients found on the planet, each one backed by the most advanced scientific research.

Our portfolio of products continues to grow and expand to serve your health and wellness needs. We aim to serve new and long-term consumers, for your current and future digestive and systematic needs.*

When it comes to overall wellness of your body, mind and spirit, digestion is key. At Enzymedica, the leading brand digestive enzyme supplements in America, we offer exceptional solutions for natural digestive health and wellness. Every one of our products is uniquely formulated to be as efficacious as possible.

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