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Go back to enjoying life after a meal

We enjoy having time to ourselves. Given the rapid pace of modern life, the time we have with our loved ones shouldn't be interrupted. However, life happens, and it teaches you to adapt to changes.

I love to have a good time. I love seeing local bands perform, walking the beach, or going to a local downtown restaurant with friends and family. When I’m out with my friends and family, everybody gets to have a great time and some laughs. That is what a good time is all about.

Everyone around the table has certain preferences for their food. Others, like me, are forced to refine their menu options because of certain conditions or allergies. This challenge doesn't end when you go back home, or when you go to the grocery store. There simply are some kinds of food that my body can’t process as well, or at all. I can feel the changes, and sometimes the people around me can feel them too... Oh, those rapid mood swings… I'm so sorry!

Stress, pollution, health conditions, chemicals in food, all these elements affect the body's natural production of enzymes. The aging process reduces enzyme production by 1% each year. See? It’s not my fault; my body just needed some enzymes. 

Every time our body wants to make nutrients, it needs enzymes. There are thousands of enzymes present in the body, and each of them performs a specific role. Enzymes are catalysts; they’re like turbochargers for your body. This is why enzymes are awesome; they give you that “turbo” boost while saving "fuel" for other functions.

When we eat low-nutrient food, when we don’t have enough enzyme-rich raw food, or when the craziness of life happens, we stop processing foods that we are used to. Why? Because enzyme deficiency can cause allergies to develop and even get us sick. Allergies can be the body’s way saying, "Sorry, we are no longer accepting checks, cabbage… I mean, cash only please!"

What should we do about that? Well, we can start by having a positive attitude. Be thankful for what you have. Believe that everything will always work out with a proper meal plan. Have in mind healthier food habits. Read about what you eat. Exercise more! Say goodbye to the gum; it fools your stomach and makes it waste precious amounts of enzymes. CHEW your food —your stomach doesn't have a blender— your digestion starts at the mouth, so take those 24 flavorful chews one by one and really savor the food you eat.

No matter how skilled a ninja might be, you simply wouldn't hand him a pillow to slice a pineapple. It’s the same way with your body: give it the right tools to do its job.

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