An interview with Enzymedica Ambassador, Ashley Whetung

November 01, 2014

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Ashley Whetung

Enzymedica is so happy to have Ashley Whetung as one of our newest ambassadors. Let’s learn a little more about her, below!

  1. What is your best kept work out secret?

I mix up my gym training between periods of heavy training and higher reps. That way I don't tire out my central nervous system, and I keep my body working hard without getting used to my sessions. For cardio, I go for walks with my dogs or play lacrosse. I would rather have fun than stare at myself on a treadmill or bike. If need be, I put a stationary bike in front of the TV and watch a lacrosse game or skiing, and pretend I'm part of the action.

  1. What’s your favorite go-to healthy food?

I'm having a thing with oranges right now. I spent a lot of the pre-holiday months feeling under the weather, so I think my body cued itself to ingest as much vitamin C as possible in an attempt to prevent getting sick which can be tough when you work with hundreds of people each day.

  1. How have Enzymedica products bettered your life?

I LOVE the Repair Gold, but my favorite is Digest Spectrum. Taking one before a meal helps to prevent occasional bloating and discomfort.

  1. What’s your #1 hobby/passion?

This is a tough one. It is something I am trained in, and don't do nearly enough: write! I have a writing degree and have four books in the works as we speak. The problem is finding the time and space to sit down with my thoughts and put down concrete pages. For now, my iPhone serves as a note-keeper for good plot ideas and quotes that come to mind randomly throughout the day.

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