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Fun Enzymedica mention on late night podcast by Justin Bohager

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Justin Bohager

Enzymedica Educator

Fun Enzymedica mention on late night podcast

Between moving out of my parents house and getting married, I lived on my own for around 9 months. I didn't have roommates, I didn't have cable, I didn't have wifi. It was just me, alone, learning how to provide for and take care of myself. A trial run of adult hood. Now, I wasn't just sitting in the center of an empty house listening to the echoes of my own voice. For one, my brother gave me an xbox as a gift. And two, I discovered the wonder of podcasts.

I've been listening to podcasts for a little over a year. I started listening to them while I packed boxes in Enzymedica's shipping department. Nothing incredibly intellectual or political…Mostly comedians talking to other comedians. Or guys in bands talking to other guys in bands. For those who don't know, a podcast is just a talk radio show you stream from the internet. Sound average? Not even close. Podcasts are millennial punk rock. They are free form conversations where anything goes. You can say anything and talk about anything for as long as you want! There are no rules! Even though it's just the sounds of conversation, the energy can mimic squealing guitar feedback because you just don't know what's going to happen. You just strap in.

To avoid feeling alone and vulnerable in a house by myself, I listened to hours and hours of podcasts. While I put groceries away, did laundry, showered, or just stared at the ceiling, I eavesdropped on conversations. I started to feel like I was developing relationships with these people. I found myself choosing which program to listen to based on which personality I felt like "hanging out" with. Which is why this is so exciting.

Pete Holmes, comedian and late night talk show host, has his own podcast called "you made it weird", where's he's interviewed people like Jon Hamm and Whitney Cummings. What makes Pete's podcast so unique is how raw and unfiltered it is in comparison to every other raw and unfiltered program available. The majority of shows limit their conversations to 60 min to an hour and a half, only covering basic background information or pressing issues. Pete's podcast begins with the sounds of him and his guest shuffling through the door and chatting casually as if you’re right there with them. He doesn't limit his time to an hour, but talks for as long as the guest is comfortable, about whatever they feel comfortable enough to share. This results in 2 and a half or 3 hour behemoths of information.

Pete's latest guest was well known raw foodist, David "avocado" Wolfe. Apparently, Pete has had a healthy curiosity in holistic nutrition ever since he saw the documentary "Food Matters", which David Wolfe appeared in. Now, given the nature of the show, the conversation lasts for 2 hours and 40 minutes. In the first hour, the conversation ranges from discussions on holistic nutrition, to stories of hallucinogenic drugs and alien abduction. But right at the 1hour, 7 minute mark, Digest Gold is mentioned by name.

At 1 hour 5 min and twenty five seconds, Pete brings up the juice cleanse he did and how, although he experienced some very positive effects, felt that it affected his vision poorly. David Wolfe explains what may have caused this and what can help. Along with high amounts of citric acid, David recommends enzymes.

At 1 hour, 7 minutes and 44 seconds, Pete explains that he takes digestive enzymes already and was hoping to ask David his opinion of them.

At 1 hour 7, minutes and 55 seconds, Pete Holmes says he takes Digest Gold! David Wolfe says that's what he takes and that he just took some before starting the interview! They high five! Pete says Digest Gold is the only pill he "keeps on him"! David Wolfe agrees and pulls his supply right out of his pocket! Insane! It even sounds like David Wolfe takes a few right there in the studio!

That blew my mind! Digest Gold and Enzymedica are huge parts of my life and a popular comedian carries it around in his pocket! I've listened to his podcast so much that I feel like I'm friends with this guy, and we're seemingly 1 degree of separation away! Weird!

For me, it's very exciting and opens my eyes to how far reaching this company has become.

I've included the link in case you’re interested in hearing the audio yourself.  Due to the "no rules" attitude of podcasting in general, this show contains strong language throughout. Just a fair warning.

Pete Holmes: http://www.nerdist.com/2013/11/you-made-it-weird-185-david-wolfe/

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