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8 Tips for Staying Active and Healthy This Winter

January 2, 2015 by Addison Best
8 Tips for Staying Active and Healthy This Winter

We tend to spend more time indoors during the cold winter months as we try to hide from the cold. For many of us, the weather  will do its best to break us from our daily routine and we go into hibernation mode, choosing to remain indoors when possible. What can we do this season to stay active and healthy? Here I have some great suggestions that I would like to share. These tips, combined with a little discipline  and  imagination, will keep you “ winning  indoors… instead of bedridden with the winter flu: (Remember, recent studies show that it is better to be indoors being productive and healthy than indoors with the flu.)

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Stretch as You Wake Up
Waking up will set your mood for the whole day... I wake up with music. So put your favorite band on and watch out for the ceiling fan when jumping out of bed. Stretch to get those muscles ready and happy for the day.

Get Active In Your House
Since you will be spending more time indoors than out...what about those projects you needed to work on? Let's Get Things Done! What about a movie or a game night with friends and family? Get everybody moving, cook, dine and laugh. You won't be thinking about cold weather any longer.

Create An Exercise Habit
A 30 minute walk everyday is ideal. Not only is it great exercise, but, just as important, you are also creating a healthy habit. Keeping yourself active is natural to the human being. Grab an extra pair of pants, if needed, or make an indoor circuit, do whatever it takes to start moving!

Keep Your Systems Running
Increasing your fiber intake, 25-30 grams per day for healthy adults. Treat yourself to  some cauliflower, broccoli, nuts, seeds to keep your cardiovascular and digestive systems working efficiently.

Adding spices to your dishes will not only make them even more delicious, but can also be quite beneficial to your body. Try adding ginger and garlic to your diet for a strong immune system.

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Vitamin D
Spending less time outside diminishes our natural production of vitamin D. Normally, our body receives the sun's rays and turns cholesterol stored in our bodies into vitamin D. Limited exposure to the sun will help avoid the spike in cholesterol levels during the winter.

20 minutes a day should be enough, with darker complexions requiring a little more exposure. Be aware of over-exposure to avoid any damages caused from the sun.

Additionally, soy milk, tuna, salmon, sardines, cheese, orange juice, fish liver oil, and orange juice are also some excellent sources of vitamin D.

Stay Hydrated
As in any season, water is key to keeping your body healthy. To avoid forgetting about this during the wintertime, try drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up after jumping out of bed because your favorite song is playing. Oh look at this... I got thirsty all of the sudden!

Mental homework
With more time indoors our minds also need extra attention. Start by putting down the remote when you are bored, look online for things you have interest on, watch videos about them, read blogs or start a blog about them. There are billions of people out there and chances are someone will and need your experience advise. After all, we are all teachers here. Wink. Remember those house projects we talked about earlier? There is always someone who can get inspired by your work, go tell them how you got it done.

Now, if you are normal, reading a book is a great way to boost your imagination. For me, reading a book is nearly impossible, as I will fall sleep if the author doesn't make some kind of magic trick to keep me engaged.  So for those like me, write a journal!

Write what made you smile today, or a joke you think is funny. You will be especially thankful you chose to document those moments during the times you can just grab the journal and start boosting yourself.

Bubble Baths
Kids love them, women love them, us men love to hear our women getting creative talking about them.  Everybody wins, everybody smiles.  So it's pretty important:  Get winter bubble baths. Pop!