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Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins, by Enzymedica Ambassador, Jason Carter

November 1, 2014 by Rich Swier
Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins, by Enzymedica Ambassador, Jason Carter

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Jason Carter

Enzymedica Ambassador

“Nature is the ultimate multi-tasker, achieving countless ends with a single action. Humans by contrast, are the only creatures who consciously isolate nutrients, actually believing that a single compound extracted from its natural element is better than the whole complex from which it originated.

“Vitamins,” are in fact biological processes that occur when the right balance of nutrients is present in the body. Think of every vitamin as a jigsaw puzzle… Ascorbic acid, which most supplement companies fatuously label “Vitamin C” is at best, one piece of the actual biological process (jigsaw puzzle) known as “Vitamin C”. Taking ascorbic acid and expecting it to perform like real vitamin C is like ripping the steering wheel off your car, and actually expecting that amputated steering wheel to still get you where you need to go… ridiculous!

When you get your nutrients from raw, enzyme-rich food, the jigsaw puzzle of each vitamin is already pre-assembled in the food and ready for action. With their new Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins, Enzymedica has encapsulated whole food nutrition grown specifically to maximize its enzymatic performance in the body.

It’s been three days since I started taking the Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins, and already I feel a more sustained sense of satiety between meals. This is clearly because my body’s receptor sites for each vitamin and mineral are receiving what they require. Thus, the Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins are benefiting my body in the most qualitatively-dense way, just as any raw product from nature does.  

Enzyme Nutrition Multivitamins are a nutrient powerhouse, and yet another dynamic example of Enzymedica’s unmatched innovation and integrity.”  


Jason Carter

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