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Enzymedica Supports the Beagle Freedom Project

August 20, 2021 by Enzymedica Team
Enzymedica Supports the Beagle Freedom Project
Beagles are commonly used in animal testing, sadly for many of the same reasons families choose them as pets. They are docile, people-friendly, and very forgiving. These wonderful qualities are exploited by the companies who put the dogs in cages, use them for testing, and abuse them. This is where the Beagle Freedom Project steps in.

Their Mission 

The Beagle Freedom Project is a nonprofit animal rescue and advocacy organization as well as the world’s leading organization for rescuing and rehoming animals used in experimental research. BFP specializes in providing freedom and families to beagles and other animals rescued from conditions of caged cruelty.

They also run a vigorous advocacy agenda aimed at reforming and abolishing institutions that abuse animals.

“Enzymedica’s People & Planet was created for organizations just like Beagle Freedom Project. When there is suffering in any form on this Planet it is felt by us all.” Scott Sensenbrenner, President & CEO

Enzymedica’s Support

Enzymedica is proud to support Beagle Freedom Project’s initiatives – especially Cruelty-Cutter, a mobile app that allows consumers to scan the barcode of products and learn whether they have been tested on animals.

Enzymedica worked with the Beagle Freedom Project team to pioneer a new dietary supplement registry for the app. It can be an eye-opening experience to see how many companies test their products on animals. Some products list “not tested on animals” on their labels due to loopholes. This happens because their ingredients were tested in other parts of the world not where they were bottled. This is why Cruelty-Cutter is a useful tool for consumers who want to help stop animal testing and identify companies that participate in this awful practice.

Get Involved!

Our missions are aligned: Enzymedica wants everyone to enjoy great health, just as Beagle Freedom Project wants every animal to experience a cruelty-free life. BFP is actively involved in trying to get legislation passed through Congress that would help end animal cruelty. On their website, they make it easy to get involved, volunteer, and learn more.

Since 2010, BFP has been freeing animals from caged laboratory experiments, rescuing special need animals from shelters, and saving animals from unimaginable abuse around the world. Enzymedica is proud to stand with the Beagle Freedom Project until every cage is empty and stays that way.