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2 Ways to Take Black Elderberry for Immune Health*

July 30, 2021 by Enzymedica Team
2 Ways to Take Black Elderberry for Immune Health*

Black Elderberry is one of the best-known and most popular herbs for immune health.* These blue-black berries are a well-known traditional remedy for immune health, wellness and vitality.* We offer two convenient ways to take this herb: Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc and Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc on-the-go immune packs.

What’s the difference between the formulas? And which one should you choose? Good questions! At Enzymedica®, we make the best-in-class immune solutions. Read on to learn about both of our Black Elderberry formulas, the quality that goes into making each one, and why there might not be just one “right” answer.


Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc

Our award-winning Immune Max™ Black Elderberry with Vitamins C & D3 + Zinc contains four key ingredients – all listed in the name –  that have been crucial over time in supporting and promoting overall well-being.*

This all-in-one formula to boost the immune system:*

  • Contains 4 key ingredients Elderberry, Vitamins C & D3, and Zinc picolinate to help protect against environmental threats*
  • Supports the body’s natural innate and adaptive immune function*
  • Offers potent nutrient support to help maintain healthy cells during seasonal challenges*

The Elderberry comes from whole-food, extra virgin Elderberry juice that preserves their natural goodness, with the equivalent of 72 berries per serving. We carefully cold press Elderberry juice to extract the plentiful polyphenols within – and ensure they are present in every capsule.

We include vitamin C from Acerola, a cherry-like plant that’s native to tropical regions in the Western Hemisphere. This essential vitamin is a well-known antioxidant that immune cells (especially natural defense cells such as phagocytes and T-cells) need to function.*

There’s also vitamin D3, to support healthy immune modulation.* Vitamin D3, often called the “sunshine vitamin,” is a helpful ally when dealing with environmental threats.*

Like vitamins D & C, Zinc is an essential nutrient, meaning our bodies can’t produce it and we need to consume it regularly to meet our nutritional needs. We add it because of its involvement in cellular activity.* Zinc also plays a crucial role in the development and function of vital immune responses.*


Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc

Our most advanced whole-food immune support is the Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc. These on-the-go immune packs are great-tasting and quick-melting, and they contain the equivalent of 80 berries in a single serving! Plus, they are sugar-free and quite easy, fun and delicious to take.

These packs:

  • Boost immune, sinus & respiratory health*
  • Support upper respiratory health*

Like our other Black Elderberry product, the packs include zinc to naturally provide fuel for your body’s immune functions* Zinc is required for stimulating over 100 enzymes that naturally occur in the body.*

We also add probiotics, with 5 billion CFUs of DE111, a clinically studied strain of Bacillus subtilis that has been researched for its benefits for immune and digestive health.*


2 Unique Black Elderberry Extracts

What about the star ingredient, Black Elderberry? How does it compare in the two? Both of our immune support formulas contain the Haschberg variety of Elderberry, which is recognized for being naturally rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and vitamins and minerals. Here at Enzymedica®, we always scour the Earth for the finest ingredients.  While there are many varieties of the elderberry plants, this European Black Elderberry has been clinically studied for higher antioxidant levels, which gives its immune health benefits.* That’s why we choose this variety.

We use two different extracts: ElderCraft® and ElderMune®.


ElderCraft® is the extract in our Black Elderberry plus Probiotics & Zinc on-the-go immune packs. This exclusive Black Elderberry extract is made from berries grown near Styria, Austria. To get the most beneficial compounds from the Black Elderberry, ElderCraft® has pioneered a unique solvent-free extraction process (leaving chemicals out of the equation). This provides the purest blend to support immune health.*

ElderMune® is used in our Immune Max Black Elderberry Capsules™. This extract uses a precise cold-press extraction method that ensures a plentiful number of polyphenols are present in each capsule. As an added benefit, our Black Elderberry capsules are all formulated to contain Sunfiber®, which helps replace the natural dietary fiber lost in the juicing process. Sunfiber® contains soluble dietary fiber that benefits the gut microbes.*


Which Immune Product Should You Try?

As you might have guessed by now, there’s no “wrong” or “right” answer. Both products are made using the highest quality ingredients we can find anywhere on the planet. When you’re traveling or quite busy, the packs might be your top choice. Other times, you might prefer the capsules. Sometimes having probiotics along with your Elderberry could sound appealing. Or, you might want the combo of vitamins C, D and Zinc.