Thera-blendTM Advantage

Thera-blendâ„¢ is an exclusive process from Enzymedica, in which multiple strains of enzymes are blended together for superior performance throughout the entire pH range of the body.

Thera-blend targets the whole GI tract, which means it is active throughout the entire digestive process.

Better Digestive Results

Enzymes break down specificc molecular bonds in food. For example, a single protease may break down three bonds of a protein, while a blend of four proteases may break down a total of nine bonds. More break down of food means better digestion and absorption!

  • 3X Stronger

    When other enzymes stop working, Enzymedica's enzymes continue to excel. Thera-blendTM enzymes break down 99% of tested food for optimal absorption. (Competing products broke down only 33% of the same food.**)

  • 6X Faster

    Enzymedica's Thera-BlendTM works 6X faster than competing products in the critical area, providing speedy support for digestive discomfort.

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